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DIW Official ICO is launching on May the 3rd – You can’t miss it!

DIW token ICO

As you may already know, the time is drawing near for the launch of the official ICO of DIW which is taking place between the 3rd of May and 31st of May. 

The anticipation and anxiousness of our beloved community is building up and we are thankful to everyone for waiting this long for this moment in time. The DIW team’s message to our community is: “We are one footstep away and there is no stopping us now!


We are fully aware of the emotional rollercoaster that we all went through regarding the cryptocurrency market cap drop and recovery, but the team is so excited to finally reach this point in our roadmap and we want to reassure you that we see a bright future ahead of us. Our advisors are hopeful about our mission and are rooting for the recently launched DIW token. They are also recommending it as a top pick for hopeful and ambitious investors.

We will make sure, to the best of our abilities, that DIW’s platform will solve the underlining issues of online fraud and data breaches with its blockchain-based global decentralized network. Our CEO & Co-Founder Stephanos Constantinou said, “The best part about DIW token is its commitment to solve the menacing problems that are making things dangerous and unsafe for us, you can’t miss it!”

With your support, we look forward to the successful conclusion of our ICO.

For more information you can visit us at diwtoken.com

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