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Geeba introduces A new era of delivery service through robots, blockchain & AI

Geeba AI

Geeba is a futuristic blockchain powered platform which is going to disrupt the existing delivery world by facilitating next-generation last-line logistics delivery with smart hubs, robots and autonomous vehicles.

September 18, 2018: A new blockchain platform is all set to wage a revolution in the ecommerce delivery scene. Titled “Geeba”, the portal is aimed to introduce a new era of delivery service driven by robots, Artificial Intelligence and of course blockchain. Launched in Netherlands, the platform has already garnered support from Qatar Science & Technology and Park & Qatar University.

Geeba is about to launch its pre-ICO shortly. The token price is : 1 Geeba Token = $0.1.

Geeba is geared to address the typical problems plaguing the current last-line logistics scene including, high costs of delivery, absence of efficiency and inability to cope up with rising demand of deliveries. To solve these issues, the platform has built up a state of the art decentralized delivery ecosystem which will enable businesses to conduct the last-mile deliveries through smart hubs, robots and autonomous vehicles to make the whole process faster and more efficient than ever.

“Geeba’s decentralized ecosystem will act as ‘growth enabler’ to empower retailers and will also equip shippers with ‘limitless scaling’ opportunity under its ‘community-centric’ approach. The platform will help businesses to cut down on the expenses of local deliveries, boost their supply chain with its robots and eventually boost their capacity to cope up with the increasing demand.  Online sales will be reaching $2.4 trillion this year and it will consequently pique the demand for last-mile logistics. And this is where Geeba’s innovative delivery system is of urgent need to match up with the heightened growth in online ordering”, stated Sheikh khalid bin Nasser Al-Thani, a premier figure from Qatar royalty and also one of the senior advisors of Geeba.

Speaking further on the viability of Geeba, he stressed robots are a great option to handle the last-mile logistics efficiently. According to sources, average payload is less than 100 kg and volume less than 1 m3. He also gave the example of Netherlands where nearly 10% cargo does not require van or truck for delivery while 40% of deliveries need only one box.

“Geeba spells success as it is especially designed  to create solution that will solve the long-standing needs of the industry. It will not only help retailers with improved supply chain but also promises perks for customers and shippers as well. Customers will benefit from speedy city-friendly delivery,  flexible service and certainly enhanced user experience. Shippers will be rewarded with a great incentive-based economy and technology, access to demand compatible with autonomous vehicles and easy opportunity to acquire operation licenses”, added in Mr. Sydney Ifergan, another senior advisor from Geeba.

For more information, please visit https://geeba.io

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