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INGOT Coin’s ICO Accelerator: Where Future ICOs are Brought to Light

INGOT Coin, pioneer of the revolutionary Ecosystem that will link the crypto market with the traditional financial industry, will be offering a specialized shop for the purpose of assisting blockchain projects to issue their ICOs. The Accelerator will offer professional services for supporting ICOs creation through collaboration with advisors, law firms, and specialized marketing companies until the ICOs are listed on the exchange. The following are the services that will be offered by the Accelerator.

ICO Feasibility Studies and Financial Plans

The financial advisory function will translate ICO seekers’ ideas into a financial model, combining assumptions, factors, and growth rates to reflect a financial vision bearing in mind both relative and relevant financial ratios and figures such as NPV, IRR, ROI.

ICO Concept and Strategy

A rating process will be undertaken for the team, terms, conditions, token, and the underlying concept of the proposed ICO. A comprehensive advisory service will be provided to the proposed ICO in terms of initial offering, layers and brackets. Whitepaper drafting service will be provided, starting from the abstract and ending with the legal wording and jurisdiction coverage.

INGOT Coin will provide an extensive look into the roadmap of the proposed project as a whole in order to make sure that the milestones presented in the whitepaper are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely), achievable, and transparent. Website undertaking includes but is not limited to building the underlying technology, designing, and content customization. IC ICO Accelerator will produce a website that highlights the whitepaper, its concept, and the team behind it. An efficient token distribution strategy blueprint will be drawn and customized based on the nature, need, specification, and industry complexity of each ICO proposed.

INGOT Coin’s community reach is vast and extensive, offering a wide range of advisors’ and investors’ outreach for both pre-ICOs and ICOs, as well as business experts. With an ever-growing investor database, coordination of potential investors will provide bigger opportunities for Seed, Angel, and VC funding.

ICO Legal and Compliance Advisory Services

Full coordination with a professional panel of local and international attorneys covering a vast range of industries in order for them to provide tailored legal frameworks based on the proposed ICO needs. Legal coverage and definitions for pivotal legal pillars will be provided, including funding options, token functions, and fund collection. Full compliance guidance for the KYC, AML, and terms and conditions.

ICO Rating Agency

This will be an internationally recognized rating agency that will issue a label to guarantee investors team quality, projects and financial projections for the proposed ICO. It will also provide a complete analysis of the proposed ICO starting with the model, team, advisors, legal framework and offer an extensive final report which includes a one-day and one-on-one consulting sessions.

ICO Marketing and Public Relations

The main success factor for any ICO is a global reach. The Accelerator will provide the following solutions:

1)    Unique roadshows.

2)    Specialized bounty programs.

3)    Global conferences.

4)    Brand image and website design.

5)    Articles on crypto websites and blogs.

6)    Social media and marketing campaigns.

INGOT Coin’s Community links together leading international investors with entrepreneurs to share knowledge, ideas and perspective on ICOs. Company executives will be offered the opportunity to meet with international fund managers in person or through webinars and seminars.

Listing on IC Exchange

Finding an available exchange to list your token is no easy task as this might cost high fees and take several months of waiting in order for your token to get listed. Our IC ICO Accelerator services will give you the opportunity to avoid these obstacles and guarantee that your coin will be listed on IC Exchange.

Token Design and Wallet Development

The Accelerator will explore the full extent of the blockchain technology for each potential ICO, conduct full analysis, and provide tokenization and programming solutions.

Our team of technical specialists will provide Smart Contract development, custom token rules, testing and implementation based on technologies such as ERC20, Waves, and OMNI. Token designs will be implemented by nodes on codes and crypto coin designs, along with providing escrow services through secured multi-sig wallets.

Customer Satisfaction

After providing full pre-ICO and ICO services, we will offer you with token trading analysis, liquidity channels, long-term token brand development, digital influence and marketing, strategic guidance and board advisory services, updates, and financial reports when necessary. Furthermore, staying updated in a fast-developing market is challenging as this is something that requires constant updates and vigilance. A team of experienced professionals will provide guidance to investors through news deeds and market intelligence analysis of the crypto market.

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