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Little Detective assures advanced server infrastructure with new launch

Little Detective has launched its server framework which will work to sync up the server with user registrations and also work as a billing platform.

August 24, 2018: Little Detective has already been making waves as the first blockchain-powered edutainment platform and recently it has grabbed the headlines in the crypto space with a new announcement. The revolutionary multimedia edutainment portal by Ixtus Edutainment has lately incorporated its server framework that completes the overall infrastructure of Little Detective.

Titled “EduPlatform Engine”, it’s the fourth innovative functionality launched by Little Detective after Progress and Lessons Analyzer, Collaborative Lesson Generator and 2D/3D Animator Compiler.

“Our EduPlatform Engine constitutes the server framework which incorporates Progress and Lessons Analyzer and the Collaborative Lesson Generator of Little Detective. It works to sync up the server with user registrations which include both parent & child entries for the edutainment platform. EduPlatform Engine also has the task to link up users with their specific lesson plans”, explained the CEO of Ixtus Edutainment.

Additionally, EduPlatform Engine will also function as a billing platform for Little Detective. It is designed to support a varied range of payment gateways and assures help with invoicing and receipts.

“Our EduPlatform Engine is engineered to house a highly efficient database record system to log transactions.”

The engine will offer administrative facilities to the owners of the systems and they will have a great range of commands and features to powerfully manage the system and other components that make up Little Detective.

Based on a special Kindergarten Curriculum Framework developed by Singapore Ministry of Education, Little Detective is committed to take multimedia education a step further with its next-generation interactive and holistic learning environ. The platform is targeted to preschool & lower primary school kids and is focused on cultivating a life-long learning attitude in its tiny users.

“We are looking forward to create a highly engaging edutainment concept that will make children acquainted with modern tech-driven society and also help to develop their speech and motor skills. Our curriculum is strategically designed to ensure exercise of the entire brain with various challenges that can stimulate creative thinking and decision-making skills.”

Little Detective has already raised a mammoth $5.5 million in its private sale and pre-ICO and is currently on its ICO stage. Investors looking forward to participate in the ICO will receive a 5% bonus.

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