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Little Detective scales up with new Collaborative Lesson Generator functionality- currently offering 15% bonus on ICO

Collaborative Lesson Generator is one of the major features in Little Detective which works to plan, schedule and generate lessons for users.

Singapore, Aug 10th 2018: Revolutionary blockchain-powered edutainment platform Little Detective has incorporated a new innovative functionality this month. Titled “Collaborative Lesson Generator”, the latest feature forms the heart and soul of the state of the art multimedia educational platform.

Launched by Ixtus Edutainment, Little Detective is currently conducting its ICO with a handy bonus of 15% for investors.

Little Detective follows a specially designed curriculum devised by Singapore Education Ministry’s Kindergarten Curriculum Framework. Targeted for kids between 3-8 years of age, it covers 3 subjects- Language & Literacy, Numbers & Math and Environment & Social Studies.  The platform is themed around a kid detective called Tim who is always on covert mission or on the spree to embark on thrilling adventures. Little Detective is carefully designed to induce an interactive holistic learning environment for kids that will also help to develop their motor and cognitive abilities.

Collaborative Lesson Generator can be described as an engine designed for planning, scheduling and generation of lesson for Little Detective edutainment platform. Based on type of subjects, animations and difficulty levels required for each lesson, the engine can dynamically identify the potential lesson case & goal. Also, it can automatically generate various quests, lessons and relevant story animations for the user’s lesson plan.

Users will be able to download these new set of quests, lessons & pertinent story animations to Adobe Flash client in web browser to continue playing Little Detective. Each user will receive different lesson plan customized as per difficulty levels chosen by him/her or as directed by the lesson administrator.

“We aim to ensure each of our users receives the most needful lesson plan with our Collaborative Lesson  Generator engine”, noted Mr. Alan BEK, the CEO of Ixtus Edutainment.

Little Detective is the first blockchain powered edutainment platform which is designed to take multimedia education format to a whole new level. The platform comes as a state of the art resource base to store, disseminate as well as share information – while protecting intellectual property & encouraging democratic participation.  Unlike its conventional counterparts which are restricted with their reach, Little Detective assures easy access to premium education for users around the world, including isolated communities.

For more information, please visit http://ixtus.io

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