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MOBU is set to Disrupt Security Tokens


Frikkie Van Biljon, CTO of Mobu states that “Mobu is the ultimate solution to launch Security Tokens” Tradeable security tokens is the special feature of MOB20 standard.

The mammoth task that one has to face before launching the security token is to deal with the regulatory and legal challenges.  If these challenges are crossed every investor would be able to enjoy the immutability and transparency conferred by the blockchain technology.

Regulatory friendly security token that is decentralized comes with many benefits to the users.  There will be less price manipulation since the data cannot be altered and it will provide with the most control and trust to the users.

MOBU is regulated by Malta, the blockchain capital of the world.  Malta already has a stable regulatory framework in place. In order to be certain that MOBU meets with all the regulatory standards, MOBU hits on all the boxes to confirm its compliance to the applicable regulatory standards.

Several projects have in reality, built in utility tokens, there are very few like Leaseum Partners who have built security tokens or real estate tokens. Since these tokens can be sold only when they are accredited and registered regulatory compliance is crucial.

MOBU platform has been designed considering all these challenges in mind.  This platform will ensure that blockchain based securities can be legally issued.  Thereby MOBU will help one to be compliant with the regulations.  Pre-approved and accredited investors will benefit greatly by the MOBU platform.

The contract created by MOBU is abstract and by making use of it all the contracts can be extended and customized.  The contract comes with a code and it will be required by security token ICOs in a way to comply with the guidelines of the MOBU ERC20 tokens as well.

The spokesman of the company stated that “With MOBU, we wanted provide with the right kind of User Interface, which users can customize making the launch of ICO particularly easy. Even those who are not great at technology can participate in the blockchain technology to ultimately turn their creative ideas into reality.”

Once the crowd sale is over, the investors can exit the ICO on a pro rata basis.  This option is provided by means of a radical Escrow Service.

“MOBU has further introduced a new radical method of escrow services which gives the options to the investors to exit the ICO once the crowd sale is over on a pro rata basis. The platform comes integrated with the necessary features and anyone looking to learn more is encouraged to more thoroughly assess MOBU’s platform.”

“The MOBU protocol is designed in a way that the compliant security tokens need to implement and adhere to all the set of commands which has been listed as a prerequisite in the platform. Further, the protocol has made a series of rules which is going to govern how the security tokens are issued and effort is made to ensure that the process is transparent as well.”

For more information about MOBU visit : https://mobu.io/

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