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“NHCT (NanoHealthCare Token) launched at IBC Hyderabad

The NanoHealth team had a very eventful weekend at the International Blockchain Congress that took place in Hyderabad on 4th and 5th of August, where they launched their blockchain powered healthcare ecosystem, NHCT (NanoHealthCare Token)

IBC was co hosted by the Nucleus Vision team, Niti Ayog the strategic planning department from Prime Minister’s office, IT and Industry department from the Govt. of Telangana and IT and Industry Department from the Govt. of Goa. It involved blockchain funds, startups, leaders and enthusiasts all coming together under one roof to discuss the present and future of Blockchain.   

NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT) was a sponsor and one of the ICO pitch participants at IBC Hyderabad. NHCT is a blockchain powered ecosystem of “Total Health.” It focuses on personalizing healthcare for individuals and making healthcare systems more efficient and effective. It connects users, payers and providers on one platform uses a 3 tier token data protocol to run the economy between these participants.

On day 1 of the event, NHCT launched their blockchain prototype and got the first investment for their Private Sale. The crowd response at the NHCT stall was amazing. Blockchain enthusiasts and investors were able to understand the value NHCT ecosystem creates and related to how improving Total Health will help them lead a better quality, healthy life.

On day 2 the NHCT team pitched at the ICO pitch and got great feedback from the crowd and the judges. Irina Litchfield from the judges gave kudos to the team for their efforts as she mentioned there are not many good healthcare projects that you see on blockchain. According to Manish Ranjan, CEO of NanoHealth, “As NanoHealth, we have a legacy of our product successfully touching 75,000 lives and treating them for Non Communicable Diseases like Cholesterol, Diabetes, Thyroid, etc. We have a proven solution and have worked with Telangana Govt. and Corporates in the past 3 years to give them fully measurable and trackable health dashboards for their organizations and communities. This is why we can have a vision of executing a Total Healthcare ecosystem on blockchain.”

Praveen Dwarkanath, Head of Ecosystem Development at NHCT claimed that “We will strive to make NHCT a benchmark ICO. The biggest differentiator that we have from all the other medical ICOs is the fact that we the only one who can produce 100% verified medical data. Our unique 3 tier token data protocol allows us to incentivise users for every action they take towards improving their total health, right from going for a run everyday to getting yourself medically tested.”   

NHCT announced in the pitch that their private sale had started and that the early private investors will get a bonus and a special price protection. NHCT team closed pledges for private sale worth $2 Million for their private round. The pledges and the agreements were done with individual investors who were impressed with NHCT at the ICO pitch and NanoHealth existing investors. Along with this NHCT has also gotten pledges worth $3 million for our post listing, potential order book. The private sale is open for the next 1 month. 

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