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SoPay, a Cryptocurrency Payment Service Platform launches Crowdfunding on the Leekico Platform


SoPay, a cryptocurrency payment service platform is aiming to develop a private, fast and easy to use digital currency payment platform. The company also announced that its token sale will start on 29th of May and will end on June 3. The said sale is managed on the LEEKICO platform and expects to gather a total of 10,000 ETH.

SoPay is a platform similar to Alipay which provides rapid, easy, secure and convenient payment for cryptocurrencies. With the app by the SoPay, all the users can transfer, withdraw and recharge their assets by entering their 6-digit password without the need of a private key. Every transaction is validated within a second before it is credited to the account. It does not also require service charges.

As an addition to the convenience, users can also retrieve if in case they forgot their digital assets. By using the phone number+4 PIN+ identification, users can retrieve their assets. When it comes to the privacy, third parties and service providers do not have access to the user’s private information – this allows for confidential and seamless experience for anyone using the SoPay platform in transacting crypto assets.

For the developers who are seeking to implement the solution to their application, the platform also provides an OpenAPI interface, enabling a reliable and simple payment through smart contracts. With the SoPay’s ease of use, the developers can integrate the interface within six days.

SoPay App is undergoing beta testing and will be released soon. The platform is cooperating with the various game development companies to achieve digital currency payment better and to pursue its plan of activating millions of users.

The platform development and core management team have a deep knowledge and strong background in the Blockchain technology and each with more than ten years of professional experience. The company also held different vital positions in Fortune 500 businesses such as Tencent, Huawei, Alibaba, Nokia, and Samsung.

Moreover, SoPay’s consultants and investors are well regarded when it comes to the Blockchain industry including well-known investors Liu Xiaoying and Da Kongyi as well as the ChainPE founder Chong Ge. SoPay ensures a complete transaction within one second plus offers free of charge. With the SoAPI interface, content and application developers can integrate the interface within six days to provide support for the digital currency payment.

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