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The First POS Profit Sharing Exchange Platform, Decoin Announces the Induction of Technological Advisor Mark Kreimerman to its Team

Mark Kreimerman

Mark Kreimerman – renowned blockchain adviser, ICO consultant and manager of software development units has recently joined the team of the newly established platform – Decoin. Decoin is a revolutionary decentralized cryptocurrency platform that is penetrating the market with a unique feature – it will share its profits with the coin holders. Therefore, it’s no wonder that such highly-intriguing and history-making platform has attracted the attention of experts and developers from all around the world, such as Mark Kreimerman.

Mark Kreimerman has a long experience in blockchain technical leadership, ICO consulting, project management and software development. He has also taken part in numerous successful projects of various sizes and has driven many businesses to the stars with his innovative thinking and knowledge of the vast world of finance. He is expected to bring a valuable insight to the company and oversee various aspects of the management and software development to make sure that Decoin turns into a powerful new force it already has the potential for. Here’s what top ICO adviser Mark Kreimerman says about becoming part of the Decoin team:

“The ICO is very interesting and has a unique model of withdrawing money to credit card.  It’s an excellent and highly skilled team so I am excited to be a part of the advisory team and to contribute from my experience to the project.”

For the cryptocurrency enthusiasts and finance gurus, the team of Decoin would like to remind that the ICO pre-sale at 0.55$ is available till April 22. After the official release of the platform, the coin will be available at a starting price of $0.90 from June 11. Purchasing the coin will include many benefits and values to the users, carefully thought of and prepared by the dedicated team of Decoin. Firstly, and most importantly, as a customer-care cryptocurrency, Decoin has developed a unique POS algorithm that will guarantee a loyalty reward of a 6.2% average annual increase for all the coin holders. Second of all, the new cryptocurrency platform has developed a system that will keep their clients unaffected by the quick changes of the market. For the clients this would mean that they will be able to enjoy profits from transaction fees and daily accumulated volumes, available on the Decoin exchange.

That’s not all. The development team of Decoin has come up with a revolutionary method of allowing coin holders to have a direct access to profits, just by using their personal D-TEP credit card. On top of it all, Decoin is preparing to launch an online customer service that will provide the best possible education and support for all the users, interested in investing in Decoin and becoming part of the fast-growing cryptocurrency market.

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