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The Horizon Pre-ICO Will Soon Be Live

Horizon Communications ICO

Horizon Communications is a startup based in the country of Bermuda. The company plans to deploy state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment in the Caribbean and Central America, with an ambitious drive of spreading their services worldwide. Their aim is to provide high speed internet services to replace obsolete technology that is easily disrupted by natural disasters.

The Horizon ICO is set to introduce a unique twist to crowdfunding. The company would be giving investors of the token a sort of equity in the business as well as a buy back clause as found in the whitepaper. This means that in future, all holders of the token will have the option of selling it back to the company. This was incentivized by the company’s confidence that the token will be worth much more than it is presently valued.

The company’s president, Mr Gilbert Darrell recently announced that the Horizon pre-ICO will soon be live. The company has been working round the clock to ensure a seamless delivery for the presale. One of the collaborations they have made is the integration of Coingate, a cryptocurrency processor that supports up to fifty digital currencies including bitcoin and ether.  Mr Darrell said that with Coingate, non techie investors would be able to purchase the Horizon token easily since the platform is user friendly.

With the Horizon ICO launch in view, it ushers in a new era for the people of Bermuda and the Caribbean who have been beleaguered by slow internet services due to ageing and outdated equipments. It also heralds a class of cryptocurrency participation that gives investors more than a token, but an insured equity in the business with the buyback clause. Investors would have opportunity of building a portfolio of valuable crypto asset while supporting a company that solves real problem facing everyday people in a region.

One phenomenon that seemed to have been absent in many ICOs was the purpose meeting aspirations to solve the need of people. It is obvious that aside moving cryptocurrencies around, many projects rarely solve problems bedeviling people. This is the reason Horizon vision has stood out among crypto enthusiast and why there are eager pool of investors awaiting the ICO launch.

The company’s release said that interested investors should visit the company website at https://www.horizoncomm.co to pre-register and KYC to participate in the upcoming pre-ICO.

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