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TheCurrencyAnalytics.com applauds Swachhcoin’s mission to revolutionize waste management


Swachhcoin is a blockchain portal with a humanitarian mission to disrupt waste management for better by ensuring responsible disposal of waste and recycling of waste into functional products by leveraging the power of next-gen technologies like Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain and IoT.

Top cryptocurrency online news platform TheCurrencyAnalytics.com is highly recommending cryptocurrency investors to participate in the newly launched Swachhcoin ICO. A state of the art blockchain portal with a noble cause, Swachhcoin is committed to revolutionize waste management by micromanaging waste from industries and households and converting them into functional products of great economic value for a cleaner and better world.

An average household generates more than 2000 kgs of waste every year. With the world population increasing at staggering rate, the volume of waste generation is going to exceed limits in near future. It calls for an efficient and advanced waste management system and Swachhcoin is committed to help here.

According to the report from TheCurrencyAnalytics.com, Swachhcoin is driven by the mission to make the entire waste management sector decentralized, autonomous and also technically advanced to ensure the issue of excessive waste generation can be addressed in a judicious and functional manner. The platform wants to bridge the gap between total waste produced and recycling of net waste into energy, fertilizer, power generating gases and other things of high value.

“Swachhcoin is launched with the vision to disrupt the waste management sector with the help of cutting edge next generation technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain and IoT. The platform looks forward to equip the waste management industries with the needed technical knowledge to help them tackle the alarming waste management crisis plaguing the world today”, read the Swachhcoin report on TheCurrencyAnalytics.com.

Swachhcoin is not your regular waste management platform. In fact, it’s broader and more technically advanced compared to other similar platforms and is powered with a series of unmatched features, including-

  • Monetary incentive provision for responsible waste disposal
  • More than 20 useful outputs from waste
  • Support from next-generation technologies to tackle the waste management problem in the most advanced way possible
  • Provision of selling and buying produced output in both Tokens and Fiat
  • Autonomous philanthropy

“Swachhcoin has come up with a revolutionary system where household waste contributors will be rewarded by waste processing industries for responsible waste disposal. The disposed waste will then be converted into products of high economic value. Additionally, by adapting the Swachhcoin platform, the waste management companies will be able to enhance their operational efficiency which will further lead to higher profits for them- all the while creating a cleaner & greener planet”,

For more information, please visit https://swachhcoin.com/.

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