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Top 5 ICOs to invest in December 2018

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A meticulous list of the top 5 ICOs to invest it by the conclusion of this year so that you can cherish the most of the your investments in the upcoming year.

2018 is almost about to wind up. As we have paced to December, it’s the time to for crypto investors to contemplate about the best ICOs to invest in the last month of this year so that they can enjoy great returns in the coming year. So, what are the best ICOs that the market pundits are banking on at present.

Well, as per sources, the crypto gurus have already shortlisted top 5 ICOs to invest in December 2018.

Geeba (geeba.io)

Geeba is all set to usher in a new revolutionary era of delivery service in the ecommerce world. The crypto platform represents a decentralized delivery ecosystem which will allow businesses to operate deliveries with the help of blockchain, robots and AI. It aims to create a convenient ecosystem marked by faster, cheaper and more flawless delivery than ever.

Dexage (dexage.io)

Dexage is a unique multi-tier trading ecosystem which has come up with a decentralized user-centric exchange that enables P2P crypto-crypto exchange, P2P lending and crypto-fiat trading. One of the most unique aspects of the platform is that it’s governed by social web and it allows users, investors and traders to communicate with each other socially through its dedicated app Dapp.

MoreStamps Global (msgtoken.global)

This is one ICO that will excite every travel-enthusiast investor out there. MoreStamps Global is driven by the goal to make travel faster, smarter and cheaper than ever and also assures upto  30% savings on global hotels and flights. MSG is about making travel more affordable by cutting out the fees imposed on airlines and hotels by the travel booking portals. It will also allow users to pay for travel in 40+ cryptocurrencies.

Kartblock (Kartblock.io)

The blockchain technology provider of top ecommerce marketplace 27avenue.com, Kartblock is an exclusive mix of crypto wallet, e-commerce portal and Tokenized reward system. The portal is aimed to reward users directly for their investment in KartBlock, sans any involvement of middlemen. The site assures super fast and secured transactions and facilitates direct sale for sellers with cryptocurrencies.

Telescopia (telescopia.io)

Telescopia is a unique blend of the crypto-currency and the space world which is aimed to extend premium quality live telescope streaming in Ultra HD. And that too at a lower cost compared to traditional telescope streaming portals. All the live streaming from Telescopia will be backed by narrated guidance by experts and the streaming can be played on multiple devices & gaming consoles. Telescopia has not commenced its ICO yet. So stay tuned with the platform to make the best of the revolution it’s going to usher in.

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