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XCrypt heralds a new crypto era with revolutionary crypto ecosystem – launches pre-ICO

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XCrypt is a new-age crypto portal which has developed a next-gen semi-decentralized hybrid multi-lingual exchange which is meant to address all the problems posed by regular crypto exchanges.

Malta, December 6th: Next-gen crypto platform XCrypt is all set to usher in a new crypto era with its futuristic crypto ecosystem. The platform hosts a unique semi-decentralized hybrid multi-lingual exchange which assures real-time, trustless & high-throughput trading experience in a blockchain infrastructure. XCrypt facilitates central management of trade matching & Ethereum transaction dispatch to help users trade uninterruptedly without waiting for transaction mining.

XCrypt has recently launched its pre-ICO with 50% bonus.  It will be conducted in 4 stages with 30%, 20% and 10% bonus for the first 3 stages respectively.

What separates XCrypt from other crypto portals is its futuristic crypto ecosystem. It houses the only ecosystem which offers the unique facility to choose between Decentralized/centralized Exchange and enjoy the provisions of debit card and social media community. It also extends the provision of trading futuristic ERC721- STO tokens.

“The existing exchanges are mostly focused on ERC20 & the cryptocurrencies and hardly bother about the system’s evolution. But if we don’t evolve, we will cease to exist someday. This is why, XCrypt has taken up the baton to prepare itself as per the evolving needs of the imminent future. We have come up with a next-gen market for the ERC721 (added to our market for top cryptocurrencies and ERC20) and is all set to list STO. Our market is fully compliant with security tokens”, stated a leading spokesperson from XCrypt.

As per his statements, the new advanced crypto portal is aimed to address the different issues that plague the existing exchanges. These include high trading fees, security issues, abrupt shutdown without notification, sloth KYC processing and absence of meaningful loyalty programs for clients.

On the other hand, XCrypt assures zero trading fee and has adopted the most superior security standards in CCSS market  and has powered them with DEX-CEX technology. The platform is backed by solid regulation which helps it to stay compliant to legal standards and also prevents abrupt shutdown risks. Moreover, XCrypt stands out in the market with its amazing set to added values to enhance client loyalty. The most significant of all these is its innovative AIRDROP RANKING SYSTEM which assures periodic rewards for users.

For more details , please visit https://www.xcrypt.club/.


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