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Bitcoin Analyst Predicts Price to Double, Surpassing $150K by Year-End


Kendrick attributes the recent 11% slide from Bitcoin’s all-time high in March to a decrease in inflows into Bitcoin ETFs and escalating tensions in the Middle East. However, he remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s future, stating, “From where we are now, it’s starting to look like we can push higher again.

One of the key drivers of Kendrick’s bullish outlook is the significant influx of investor funds anticipated in the coming months. Since the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in January, these funds have already amassed around $12 billion. Kendrick predicts that this figure could reach $50 billion to $100 billion over the next two years as the U.S. crypto ETF market matures.

Additionally, Kendrick highlights the impact of Bitcoin’s recent halving event, which reduces the reward for Bitcoin miners and the amount of new Bitcoin entering circulation. Historically, this event has led to a surge in Bitcoin prices, a trend that Kendrick believes will continue, especially when combined with anticipated investor inflows.

Despite Kendrick’s optimism, analysts and experts have varied opinions on Bitcoin’s future. Some, like cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe, predict a market upswing following the halving event, while others, like renowned economist Peter Schiff, advocate for gold as a safer investment amid inflation concerns.

However, amidst differing opinions, there are also potential opportunities for investors. Ali Martinez, a prominent crypto analyst, identifies a potential buying opportunity for Bitcoin, noting a potential 67% gain as the MVRV ratio dips below its 90-day average.

In terms of price action, Bitcoin is currently priced at $66,601, experiencing a slight decrease of 0.39% in the last 24 hours. Nevertheless, it has surged by an impressive 50.78% year-to-date. Ethereum, another popular cryptocurrency, is trading at $3,189, with a 0.37% decrease in the last 24 hours and a notable increase of 35.58% year-to-date.

The recent pullback in Bitcoin’s price, which saw it slide by 11% from its peak of around $73,000 in March, raised concerns among some investors. However, Kendrick believes this setback is merely a temporary blip in Bitcoin’s larger journey. He points to a variety of factors that could contribute to a resurgence in Bitcoin’s value, including increased investor interest and the impact of the recent halving event.

One of the primary drivers of Kendrick’s bullish outlook is the growing influx of investor funds into the cryptocurrency market. Since the approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in January, these investment vehicles have already amassed approximately $12 billion. Kendrick predicts that this figure could swell to between $50 billion and $100 billion over the next two years, as the U.S. crypto ETF market continues to mature.

Moreover, Kendrick highlights the historical significance of Bitcoin’s halving events, which occur approximately every four years. These events reduce the rate at which new Bitcoin is produced, effectively curbing its inflationary pressure. Historically, Bitcoin prices have surged following halving events, as the reduced supply meets increasing demand from investors.

As investors navigate the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, Kendrick’s bullish forecast for Bitcoin offers insight into the potential for significant growth in the digital asset space. With various factors at play, including investor sentiment, market dynamics, and regulatory developments, the future trajectory of Bitcoin remains subject to speculation and analysis.

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