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Bithumb Launches BIGTIME and STMX: Expanding Cryptocurrency Horizons in South Korea


Amidst the dynamic realm of cryptocurrencies, South Korea’s Bithumb has recently introduced two new players into the scene: BIGTIME and STMX. These innovative virtual assets have made their grand entry into the South Korean crypto market, hosted on the acclaimed exchange Bithumb, starting this November. The inclusion of these tokens widens the horizon for crypto enthusiasts, providing a plethora of investment opportunities within the supported ERC-20 network.

Big Time Gaming with BIGTIME: BIGTIME, the currency fueling an expansive multiplayer action RPG gaming platform, has mesmerized enthusiasts with its immersive virtual adventures across time and space. This platform is not just about gaming; it’s a playground for earning through blockchain gaming with its Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). At its core lies BIGTIME, the native cryptocurrency empowering various in-game transactions, purchases, and activities. With a current trading price of $0.2151 (277.68 won), BIGTIME witnessed a notable surge of 4.13% post its Bithumb debut.

StormX Rewards with STMX: On the other hand, StormX or STMX functions as a bridge between traditional online shopping and the crypto domain. By offering cashback services in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), STMX becomes the go-to token for users earning rewards while indulging in their favorite online retail therapy. Following its listing on Bithumb, STMX observed a modest 2.16% increase, currently trading at $0.008001 (10.33 won).

Safety Measures and Trading Guidelines: Acknowledging the high-risk nature of virtual assets, Bithumb prioritizes user safety by imparting essential knowledge about associated risks and imposing specific trading restrictions. These include a five-minute limitation on initial buy orders and a restriction period on sell orders falling below 10% or exceeding 100% of the base price.

Implications for South Korean Crypto Enthusiasts: The arrival of BIGTIME and STMX into South Korea’s crypto sphere signifies a breakthrough for enthusiasts. Their presence on Bithumb enriches investment portfolios, enabling diversified crypto engagements beyond conventional trading. Moreover, the infusion of blockchain gaming and cashback rewards paves the way for a novel crypto experience, appealing to a broader audience.

Potential of BIGTIME and STMX: BIGTIME’s fusion of multiplayer action RPG gaming and NFTs positions it as an enticing option for both gamers and investors. The dynamic blend of gameplay and blockchain technology promises an exciting future within the gaming industry. Similarly, STMX’s integration of cryptocurrency rewards in the shopping landscape presents a compelling incentive, potentially catalyzing increased token adoption.

On the other hand, STMX, affiliated with StormX, acts as a conduit for users to earn cryptocurrency while indulging in online shopping escapades. StormX bridges the gap between conventional online retail and the world of virtual assets by offering cryptocurrency cashback services, including Bitcoin (BTC). STMX, the platform’s native token, rewards users for diverse engagements. Following its listing on Bithumb, STMX experienced a moderate 2.16% surge and is currently trading at $0.008001 or 10.33 won.

Safety remains a top priority in Bithumb’s agenda, as the exchange takes proactive measures to educate users about the inherent risks associated with virtual assets. Emphasizing the high-risk nature of such products, Bithumb has imposed specific trading restrictions to bolster safety measures. These include a five-minute limitation on initial buy orders and restrictions on sell orders with prices fluctuating beyond defined thresholds, ensuring a more secure trading environment.

In Conclusion: As BIGTIME and STMX garner attention within the South Korean crypto market, their promising prospects spark enthusiasm. Their innovative contributions – from immersive gaming experiences to rewarding shopping adventures – herald a new era of engagement with cryptocurrencies. The inclusion of these tokens on Bithumb not only expands investment avenues but also invites users into a world of unique opportunities at the intersection of gaming, shopping, and digital assets.

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