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Cryptocurrency Adoption Surges in Canada: New Survey Reveals Growing Interest Among Investors

Cryptocurrency adoption

In a recent report unveiled by leading financial consultancy KPMG and the Canadian Association of Alternative Assets and Strategies (CAASA), a notable surge in cryptocurrency adoption has been unveiled across Canada. The findings shed light on a burgeoning trend that reflects both investor enthusiasm and institutional engagement within the rapidly evolving landscape of digital assets.

Highlighting a substantial shift in market dynamics, the survey reveals a remarkable 22% increase in the provision of crypto services by financial institutions in Canada compared to figures from just two years ago. This surge underscores a growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies within traditional financial spheres, as institutions increasingly recognize the importance of incorporating digital assets into their offerings.

The report further illuminates a significant uptick in institutional involvement, with a notable 26% rise in the inclusion of digital assets within institutional investment portfolios. This trend reflects a shifting paradigm as institutional investors seek to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the potential benefits offered by cryptocurrencies in today’s dynamic economic landscape.

Amidst a backdrop of regulatory advancements and shifting market dynamics, the allure of cryptocurrencies has captivated the attention of investors and financial institutions alike. According to a comprehensive report jointly released by KPMG in Canada and the Canadian Association of Alternative Assets and Strategies (CAASA), the adoption of crypto services in Canadian financial institutions witnessed a remarkable surge in 2023.

Notably, the survey reveals a staggering 22% increase in the number of financial institutions offering crypto services compared to 2021. This unprecedented growth underscores Canada’s proactive stance in embracing digital innovation within its financial sector.

Delving deeper into the realm of institutional investments, the report unveils a significant uptick in the integration of digital assets into investment portfolios. In 2023, over 26% more institutional investors ventured into the realm of cryptocurrencies, recognizing them as viable investment avenues in an increasingly digitized world.

Examining the factors driving this trend, industry experts point to a confluence of macroeconomic factors that have propelled the crypto market forward. The tumultuous events of recent years, including rising U.S. debt and mounting inflationary pressures, have served as catalysts for the renewed interest in cryptocurrencies as investors seek alternative asset classes to hedge against currency devaluation and preserve wealth.

Commenting on the findings, Kunal Bhasin, partner and co-leader of KPMG in Canada’s Digital Assets practice, emphasized the transformative impact of recent market dynamics on the cryptocurrency landscape. He remarked, “The crypto rally of 2023 can be attributed to a combination of factors, including mounting economic uncertainties and increasing investor appetite for alternative investment opportunities. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly being recognized as a viable asset class with the potential to serve as a hedge against economic volatility.”

Delving deeper into the survey results, it is revealed that a growing number of financial services firms in Canada are embracing cryptocurrencies, with 50% of such firms now offering at least one crypto service—a significant increase from previous years. Notably, 24% of these firms have ventured into the realm of regulated products, issuing exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and similar products to cater to investor demand for diversified investment vehicles.

Furthermore, the report highlights a substantial uptick in the provision of custody, clearing, and settlement services related to cryptocurrencies, with 48% of financial firms offering such services in 2023—a notable increase from just 33% in 2021. This expansion of infrastructure underscores the growing maturity of the cryptocurrency market in Canada and paves the way for broader adoption and utilization of digital assets.

Perhaps most strikingly, the survey reveals that nearly 40% of institutional investors in Canada had direct or indirect exposure to cryptocurrencies in 2023—a significant increase from figures reported in previous years. Of these investors, 75% held crypto assets directly, while 50% had exposure through regulated products such as ETFs—a testament to the growing acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies within traditional investment portfolios.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and mature, Canada stands at the forefront of this transformative trend, with investors and institutions alike embracing the potential of digital assets to reshape the future of finance. With regulatory frameworks providing greater clarity and infrastructure expanding to accommodate growing demand, the stage is set for continued growth and innovation within the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

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