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Shocking News Why the Crypto Market Just Tanked – Experts Weigh In

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The cryptocurrency market experienced a significant downturn today, with its total market capitalization plummeting by more than 4.30% to approximately $2.50 trillion on June 18. This abrupt decline has left investors bewildered, searching for explanations amid uncertain market conditions.

The catalysts driving this latest crypto sell-off are multifaceted, involving both monetary policy signals from the Federal Reserve and substantial outflows from U.S.-based spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Fed Rate Cut Speculation Rattles Markets

The downturn began gaining traction over the weekend following remarks from Neel Kashkari, the Minneapolis Federal Reserve President. Kashkari, known for his cautious stance on inflation, hinted at a tempered approach to future rate cuts, forecasting only one potential cut in 2024. His comments contrasted sharply with market expectations of multiple rate reductions later this year, causing bond yields to rebound and triggering a shift in investor sentiment away from riskier assets like cryptocurrencies.

“The need for more evidence on inflation’s trajectory remains pivotal,” Kashkari emphasized during an interview on CBS’s Face the Nation. His cautious optimism about economic indicators and inflation data underscored the Fed’s current strategy of data-driven decision-making, which includes monitoring the labor market and broader economic trends closely.

Bitcoin ETF Outflows Amplify Market Concerns

Simultaneously, the crypto market was rocked by significant outflows from U.S.-based spot Bitcoin ETFs, exacerbating the downturn. Data reveals that these investment vehicles witnessed a notable $145.90 million in withdrawals on June 17 alone, marking a continuation of the trend observed in previous weeks. As these outflows accelerated, they coincided with a strengthening U.S. dollar, as indicated by the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY). A stronger dollar typically signals reduced investor appetite for risk, prompting further divestment from crypto assets.

Impact of Long Liquidations

Adding to the market turbulence were substantial long liquidations, which surpassed short liquidations over the past 24 hours. Long traders, who anticipate upward price movements, faced approximately $403 million in liquidations during this period. Conversely, short traders saw around $61 million in liquidations, underscoring the prevailing sentiment of caution and profit-taking among market participants.

Technical Analysis and Market Outlook

From a technical perspective, today’s decline fits within the context of a corrective phase within the cryptocurrency market’s symmetrical triangle pattern. Following a recent test of the upper trendline as support, the market capitalization has retraced by 12.34%. Analysts are closely monitoring whether the lower trendline will hold, potentially triggering a rebound towards the upper trendline and a market cap of $2.48 trillion by June.

However, a breakdown below the lower trendline could lead to a more substantial correction, potentially driving the market cap towards its 200-day exponential moving average (200-day EMA) at approximately $2.09 trillion.


In conclusion, today’s crypto market downturn reflects a confluence of factors, including cautious signals from the Federal Reserve regarding future rate cuts and significant outflows from Bitcoin ETFs. As investors navigate these uncertain waters, market resilience and technical support levels will be crucial in determining whether a recovery is imminent or if further downside risks persist.

It’s essential for investors to conduct thorough research and exercise prudence in their financial decisions, especially in volatile market conditions. While the crypto market remains dynamic, staying informed and adapting to changing market dynamics will be key to navigating future opportunities and challenges.

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