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Tether’s Remarkable Rise: A Deep Dive into the World of Stablecoin Success


In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, one name has been making waves for its remarkable success: Tether. As the company behind the largest stablecoin in the crypto market, Tether has captured the attention of both investors and industry experts alike. Recently, Teddy Fusaro, the president of Bitwise, one of the leading crypto index fund managers, offered high praise for Tether’s business model, highlighting its efficiency and impressive financial performance.

Fusaro’s admiration for Tether stems from the company’s outstanding achievements in 2023, where it reported net income figures that rivaled those of traditional financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Despite having only a fraction of the manpower compared to these banking giants, Tether managed to achieve significant profitability, showcasing the immense potential of its centrally backed dollar-pegged stablecoins.

At the heart of Tether’s success lies its innovative business model, which leverages various revenue streams generated primarily from operating profits derived from US Treasuries, Reverse Repos, and Money Market funds. By holding short-term US treasuries as part of its “cash equivalent” assets, Tether not only ensures the stability of its stablecoin but also generates substantial interest income.

At the forefront of Tether’s success story is its president, Teddy Fusaro, who hails the company’s business model as nothing short of extraordinary. As the head of Bitwise, a prominent crypto index fund manager, Fusaro has keenly observed Tether’s ascent to prominence in the crypto market. He attributes much of Tether’s success to its ability to achieve profitability levels that rival those of established financial behemoths like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, despite operating with a fraction of their manpower.

In a recent statement, Fusaro highlighted Tether’s impressive financial performance in 2023, citing the company’s net income of $6.2 billion. This figure, derived from Tether’s Q4 2023 attestation, underscores the company’s profitability and solidifies its position as a major player in the financial landscape. Comparing Tether’s earnings with those of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, Fusaro revealed that Tether’s income accounted for a significant portion of what these traditional banks generated.

What sets Tether apart from its counterparts in the traditional financial sector is its innovative approach to generating income. Tether’s revenue streams primarily stem from its holdings in US Treasuries, Reverse Repo, and Money market funds, as outlined in its Q4 audit report. By investing in short-term US treasuries, Tether effectively maximizes its cash equivalent assets, thereby generating substantial interest income. Additionally, Tether benefits from the issuance of more stablecoins, which are backed by US treasuries, further bolstering its revenue stream.

Moreover, Tether benefits from the continuous minting of stablecoins, each of which needs to be backed by US treasuries, thereby amplifying the company’s interest earnings. This strategic approach has propelled Tether to the forefront of the crypto market, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry.

Fusaro’s comparison of Tether’s income levels with those of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley sheds light on the disruptive potential of stablecoin issuers in the financial landscape. Despite Tether having approximately 100 employees compared to Goldman Sachs’ 49,000 and Morgan Stanley’s 82,000, its financial performance remains strikingly competitive.

As the crypto market continues to evolve, Tether’s success serves as a testament to the transformative power of innovative financial technologies. By offering a reliable and efficient means of transacting in the digital realm, Tether has bridged the gap between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency.

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