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EDC Blockchain Added yet another Masternode- Digifinex Masternode

EDC Blockchain Digifinex masternode

EDC Blockchain continues its development process to better serve its participants. 10th June 2020 the network announces the addition of another master node to the list- Digifinex Masternode. 

Ecrofund master node had been the only master node to which the community members can lease their EDC coins to get daily returns. But recently there has been an influx of multiple master nodes after Ecrofund had reached its leasing limits. Other master nodes too had reached their leasing limits within days of their launch. In a release from the blockchain, users are enjoined to lease their coins quickly before the leasing limits of the master node is reached.

With recent experiences of the blockchain, it can only be predicted that the 100Million EDC coin leasing limits will only last for a few days because many of the users are in the habit of re-leasing their coins after getting their daily bonuses. The minimum amount that can be leased by participants being 100,000 EDC gives both the community members and the team members the confidence that the coin will gain value in the long run. This is because of the well-known law of demand and supply.

The blockchain is not stopping with the Digifinex master node. It also welcomes anyone or a group of people who will launch a new master node on its blockchain. The team promises to launch the EDC coin trading on Digifinex Exchange as time goes on.

As at the time of writing there has been no update from Digifinex exchange but many trusts because Digifinex has been a major supporter of the blockchain in running promos and integrating EDC-20 (an Ethereum based EDC token) on its exchange.

Masternodes and Proof of Stake Algorithm

For a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain, the availability of multiple master nodes further proves the decentralization of a blockchain. Master nodes help in confirming transactions and creating new blocks on a blockchain. Each master node stores the whole blockchain or records all transactions on a blockchain. Therefore the higher the number of masternodes, the better secure the blockchain is.

Further Updates from EDC blockchain

Among other updates from EDC blockchain are the recent release and update of its Android and IOS wallets which include 2fA, and the ability to lease coins, the proposed launch of the EcroFund Market place, etc.

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