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Bitcoin enthusiast? Now trade in cryptocurrencies with 25x leverage on bitozz exchange

Bitozz Exchange

Speaking with the currency analytics, Bhinang Tejani, co-founder of the company said that Bitozz Exchange private sale ends on 15th October with 800,000 dollars already raised from select family funds.

Bitcoin enthusiasts around the world will soon be able to trade similar cryptocurrencies with 25x leverage and ensuring industry standard security and speed. The exchange, named Bitozz Exchange, aims to implement derivatives like futures and options for all cryptocurrencies.

“After realizing the huge gap in terms of the quality delivered by global exchanges, we decided to build an exchange supporting advanced order types(Bracket Order, Cover Order), Multiple cryptocurrencies, and thus Bitozz Exchange was conceptualized,” he said.

“Bitozz Exchange offers a highly competitive tiered trade fee schedule for high-frequency trading. Crypto-Derivative options products have already been conceptualized and included in the 6 months roadmap,” he added.

Due to the lack of legal framework around virtual currencies in the world, cryptocurrency trading has not flourished well but soon this might change as the government plans to lay down regulations around businesses based on the technology.

With The Advanced Token Features:

  • Loyalty rewards: 10% Bitozz Exchange Profit will be distributed as loyalty rewards between token holders holding token for more than 30 days in Bitozz token (Monthly)
  • Buy back: 10% of Bitozz Exchange Profit used to buy back and burn Bitozz Tokens (Quarterly)
  • Collateral: Bitozz Tokens accepted as collateral for fiat loans
  • Discounted fees: Discounted fees structure on using Bitozz Tokens

Below Are The Major Problems And Their Addressed Solutions Through Bitozz :

  • Traditional Order types like limit and market order: Bitozz has implemented most advanced order types facilitating algorithmic trading for all type of users.
  • Tools only for the General public: Bitozz aims to expand the market by opening doors for Hedge Funds, ETF and Mutual funds by providing advanced tools.
  • High carrying cost in margin trading: Bitozz aims to eliminate carrying cost by replacing with one time fees just like spot trading.
  • Lack of Leverage Trading options in all cryptos:Bitozz Exchange will not be limited to just derivatives products, but will offer a one-stop-shop solution.

When asked about the competition he said “We know this will be an ultra-competitive space. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of teams wanting, planning or doing exchanges. Competition will be fierce. But in this age, this is a common risk in any decent concept/startup or a mature company. The question is: given our team, track record, experience, industry resources, and product, do you believe we stand a better chance than the rest of the pack? If yes, then please join our ICO.”

Connect Information

Web Link.: Https://Bitozz.Com/Token

Facebook Link.: Https://Www.Facebook.Com/Bitozzexchange/

Linkedin Link.: Https://Www.Linkedin.Com/Company/Bitozz

Instagram Link.: Https://Www.Instagram.Com/Bitozzexchange/

Telegram Link.: Https://T.Me/Bitozz_exchange

Twitter Link.: Https://Twitter.Com/BitozzExchange

Reddit Link.: Https://Www.Reddit.Com/User/Bitozz


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