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CryptoGuruu emerges the most trusted guide for ICOs- helped to raise $100 million+ in conglomeration


CryptoGuruu is a leading online crypto resource which acts as a mentor and guide for the blockchain startups and their ICOs. The site assures most extensive guidance and marketing support to drive sales for the new ICOs.

September 27, 2018: New blockchain ICOs struggling to find a solid footing in the cut-throat crypto market need not look further. CryptoGuruu has reportedly emerged as the most trusted guide and mentor for ICOs and blockchain startups. The leading online crypto resource has helped ICOs to raise millions and millions of dollars with its comprehensive support and exclusive marketing strategies.

A subsidiary of HashMantra Pvt. Ltd, CryptoGuruu has been working relentlessly in the crypto scene to guide, mentor and help blockchain startups and ICOs for the last couple of years. The organization has teamed up with more than 55 ICOs and the number is increasing with each passing month.

“We believe crypto will dictate the future and we are aimed to help early-age crypto startups stand out with élan in the volatile market of cryptocurrencies. The crypto scene projects a tough world and the competition is reaching sky-high. It’s difficult for the new ICOs to thrive and make their mark. And this is where CryptoGuruu comes to the rescue”, stated a leading spokesperson from CryptoGuruu.

“We are backed by some of the most distinguished blockchain experts and advisors such as Tim Rainer, Gurbaksh Chahal & Stephen Brett and assure you the best mentorship and most powerful guidance ever.”

CryptoGuruu extends a comprehensive range of support services to the partner ICOs such as–

  • ICO Listing & Review on its highly frequented portal that fetches millions of views/month.
  • ICO Marketing & Promotion – creating the Best Virality & FOMO.
  • Bounty & Airdrop Setup, Management & Monitoring
  • Telegram Community Growth & Management.
  • Listing in major crypto exchanges
  • Building of Smart contracts & Auditing
  • Web Development & SEO services to pull up the rank on search engines
  • App Development

CryptoGuruu has successfully helped to raise $100 Million+ in conglomeration for its partner ICOs. So, what’s the secret behind CryptoGuruu’s success in today’s fiercely competitive space? In the words of the spokesperson-

“We know it’s a competitive world today where run-of-the-mill marketing strategies won’t take your blockchain startup anywhere. Thus, we come up with unique, most unorthodox and unconventional marketing strategies to keep you ahead in the competition. Our state of the art strategies have helped to rake up $100 Million+ comprehensively for our ICOs. With us by your side, you will be in good hands.”

CryptoGuruu is currently the 35,518th most popular website in the world. The site is frequented by crypto experts and enthusiasts from all over the world including Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Israel,  India,  Japan, USA and so on.

For more information, please visit https://cryptoguruu.com

Parent company website: http://HashMantra.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoGuruuTeam/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hashmantra/

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