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Desico Launches Its Security Tokens Desi

The ICO market according to the Blockchain Magazine appears to be like a Las Vegas Casino. It does not look like an intelligent investment decision.

There are projects like Desico, who provide with Security Token Offerings that are focused not only on protecting the investors, while at the same time providing value to the crypto space on the whole.

DESICO have strategized a plan to provide their security token offerings.  In a major announcement on October 21, 2018, they spoke about the introduction of the Desi tokens.

It is important for security tokens to be issued in compliance with the regulations put forth by the US Securities and Exchange System.  The exchange has opened its regulatory doors in a way to ensure that the companies adhere to the regulations meant for the cryptocurrency space.

Laimonas Noreika, CEO of DESICO stated “By raising money through the security token sale, using our platform we are showcasing that our platform is legally compliant to issue security tokens and as well easy to use.  This will further demonstrate to our clients about methods to issue their security tokens in the future.”

DESICO is offering a trading platform for the issuance of the security tokens in compliance with Lithuanian crowdfunding regulations in Lithuania.

DESICO operates in Paris, France, and Vilnus. The platform will be functioning in compliance with the regulations enforced by the European Union (EU) Member State Law.

The company is strategically located based on their collaboration with the Lithuanian Regulators. The issuance of the security tokens by the company has been endorsed by the “Ministry of Finance” as well as the “Ministry of the Economy” of “Republic of Lithuania.”

DESICO by its compliance with EU regulations provides for a legally compliant and safe solution for STO investments.  There are several legally compliant STOs like Leaseum Partners in the market; however, the advantage with DESICO being that just like Leaseum partners the STOs of this company are as well made accessible to retail investors.

In compliance with the current law, the U.S. investors are to be accredited. However, DESICO permits U.S. companies to deposit an extra $5.75 million USD from non-US retail investors to the security offering.

Something special about Desico is that while several platforms are limiting the access to institutional investors and accredited investors, DESICO provides an opportunity for projects to access the amount from the Main Street investors.

The overall nominal value of DESICO security tokens is currently set at $44,361,793. About $5,750,000 is made publically available from November 7, 2018, through November 7, 2019. Remaining tokens are set aside for institutional investors for the nominal price.  For retail investors, the tokens come at a low price. All investors will have the same rights.

The two main stages of the offering are:

“November 7th – November 16th, 2018: The DESI security token pre-sale. $1,000,000 hard cap. Discount offered to all investors – 15%.

January 14th – January 25th, 2019: The DESI security token crowdsale. The remainder of the tokens will be offered to investors with a hard cap of $5,750,000.”

The DESI security token is classified to be a Revenue Participation Note (RPN), and there will be quarterly payouts to its investors. Token owners will get 12.5% of revenue.

DESI security token price per-token is set at Pre Sale for $0.98; Crowdsale Part 1 for $1.07; Crowdsale Part 2 – $1.09; Hard Cap Price – $1.15.

The minimum investment is $230 for retail investors and accreditors is $143,750.  There is no cap on maximum investment.

KYC and AML will be strictly followed.

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