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Dual fingerprint identification eliminating hackings risks for e-commerce sites


Dual fingerprint authentication offers far better protection from hackers for e-commerce sites, compared to the old process of password security that can be easily hacked.

December 5, 2018: E-commerce sites having sleepless nights over hacking threats can finally heave a sigh of relief. An advanced security measure, dual fingerprint identification, is fast paving its way in the virtual world with the guarantee of more powerful protection against hackers than what is provided by traditional password security measures.

Over 90% of login traffic received by e-commerce sites comes from the hackers! The first quarter of 2018 witnessed minimum 16 esteemed data breaches and among these the worst sufferers were online retailers.

The alarming figures above only prove the vulnerable condition of e-commerce sites in the hands of cybercriminals today. Online retailers have long been using the dated practice of password protection for digital identity verification. But the modern hackers are too advanced to be restricted by mere passcodes. Last year only 1.4 billion passcodes were hacked as well as leaked and circulated for other hackers around.

E-commerce security seems to be in a serious crisis now and the dire situation today calls for something more superior than the old password protection. And this is where dual fingerprint identification measure comes as the lifesaver.

“While a password can be easily hacked with the help of some smart guesswork and intelligent calculation, it’s nearly impossible to hack dual fingerprint identification. A fingerprint is always unique to every person and the authentication process here scans the specific ridges and furrows of the person who has actually created the account. No calculation or guesswork can reveal the unique finger ridges of the original person which makes the whole process literally hackproof. The challenge is more when you go for two-fingerprint identification which implies more powerful security for e-commerce sites that adopt it”, stated Stephane Benichou, who has founded a revolutionary blockchain platform IDsGroup with fellow blockchain expert Aguirre Mimoun.

The IDsGroup is a futuristic blockchain platform which has come up with pathbreaking digital identity solution. Titled “IDsKEY”, the next-gen biometric authentication hardware is based on dual fingerprint authentication security to assure highly powerful protection from hackers for e-commerce sites. The hardware is powered with cutting edge secured micro-controller, highly advanced dual fingerprint sensor, LCD screen to facilitate user interaction and banking grade EAL5+ security.

“Our IDsKEY is absolutely GPDR compliant and backed by Zero-access encryption to ensure maximum protection for identity documents stored inside it.”

About IDS Group:

Website: https://idsgroup.io

Telegram: https://t.me/IDSgroup

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