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ExMarkets hosting the IEO round 2 of Vectorium Plus

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ExMarkets is happy to host the second round of Vectorium Plus IEO this month. Vectorium+ is a blockchain-based GREEN convertible coin which will serve to transform biomass into green energy through blockchain and AI.

After a successful First round, ExMarkets is pleased to host the second round of the IEO for breakthrough cryptocoin Vectorium Plus. A unit of emerging blockchain platform Vectorium, the Vectorium + is a GREEN convertible coin powered by blockchain technology which enables token holders to store energy value and redeem it in exchange for digital assets.

Vectorium Plus tokens will be listed by ExMarkets after the IEO ends.

Vectorium is aspiring to dawn in a sustainable era of crypto energy through its two tokens – Vectorium Flash and Vectorium Plus. The company is dedicated to convert biomass into green energy through the innovative technologies of blockchain and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence applications.

The sale of Vectorium Plus enables creation of Vector Islands where Waste & wind-photovoltaic blades will generate electricity and new batches of Vectorium Flash.

“We are delighted to host the second round of Vectorium Plus on our platform. The token received a fantastic response in the maiden round and we are hopeful of a similar positive response this time as well. We salute Vectorium’s and Vectorium Plus’ ethos of converting biomass to clean energy which will lead to a better and sustainable world for all of us”, stated the chief spokesperson from ExMarkets.

It’s to stress here Vectorium Plus will share up to 20 percent of its revenue (generated from Vector Islands Ecosystem) with stakeholders (token holders) every year. The coin is powered by PoS system and after 4 years, the token holders will be able to convert their coins into corporate equity. The revenue for each Vectorium+ will increase if the total revenue in Vector Islands Ecosystem enhances, since the coin is limited in number. It implies, if the revenue increases, the token holders will receive an even bigger share over time.

“We are excited to have the second round of our Vectorium Plus hosted at ExMarkets. Exmarkets is undoubtedly one of the most revered names in the top crypto exchanges today and to have our IEO hosted there- and that too continuously- is something really amazing for our entire team. We are hopeful, this IEO will get our coin the desired huge exposure that we are expecting from the massive user-base of ExMarkets”, noted a spokesman from Vectorium.

Participate to the IEO via this link – https://exmarkets.com/page/vctp-ieo

For more, please visit https://www.vectorium.co/.

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