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FinanceX launches next-generation exchange to simplify digital asset trading

FinanceX has launched a breakthrough crypto exchange that will streamline digital asset trading by ensuring direct trading with local fiat currencies instead of relying on intermediaries like BTC or ETH.

Singapore, September 7th: Crypto traders struggling with the daunting process of conventional digital asset trading with ETH or BTC can finally heave a sigh of relief. A revolutionary crypto platform, FinanceX, has recently launched a futuristic exchange that aims to simplify and quicken digital asset trading globally like never before. The FIRST of its kind, the FinanceX exchange offers the exclusive advantage of trading cryptocurrencies with any fiat and that too with any sort of payment method.

FinanceX is soon to release 900 million tokens by the name of “FNX” and the new token will serve as the official trading currency on FinanceX crypto exchange.

The company has already launched its private sales which will conclude on September 19, 2018. The FNX pre-sale will begin on September 25 and will continue till October 14. The ICO will start on October 15 and conclude on November 15. The FNX ICO will be conducted in 3 rounds:

Round 1: October 15-October 24 (Price: $0.028)

Round 2-25 October – 4 November (Price: $0.036)

Round 3: 5 November – 15 November (Price: $0.047)

Unlike traditional exchanges, FinanceX exchange enables users to trade with local currency from a wide number of countries. It makes the trading process “direct” and eventually faster and easier compared to the traditional slower and more complicated method of crypto trading with ETH/BTC intermediaries.

Another great advantage of FinanceX exchange is that it accepts multiple payment methods to ensure wider access to trading for traders globally. The exchange accepts

all major payment modes including local/international bank transfer, MasterCard/VISA and all popular eWallet options.

“What’s so promising about FinanceX is that it makes the whole process of digital asset trading on an exchange more convenient and faster than ever before. Most of the crypto exchanges across the world only extend coin-to-coin trading pairs. Traders have to buy ETC or BTC as intermediaries of local fiat currency to trade alt-coins that makes things complex, elaborate and time-consuming.

But FinanceX’s next-generation exchange has streamlined the whole process altogether with its edgy secured exchange that allows crypto trading ‘directly’ with a fiat called ‘FinanceX’. We are getting a world-class crypto exchange that also assures higher liquidity, complete security and lowest possible fees”, stated Sydney Ifergan, leading ICO expert and one of the senior advisors of FinanceX.

FinanceX is the crypto exchange that we all have been looking for in this busy time- stripped world.

FinanceX stands out with a host of state of the art benefits:

  • High-volume real-time trading with the speed of millions of transactions/second
  • Lower trading fee that assures 10% more cost saving than coin-to-coin trading Multi-language support
  • Advanced protection & security measures
  • Simple trading interface
  • Built on advanced cloud portal that assures highest availability
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Sydney Ifergan

Sydney has 20+ years commercial experience and has spent the last 10 years working in the online marketing arena and was the CMO for a large FX brokerage.

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