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MGO Tokens for Game Developers and Users

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Game developers are now getting an option to integrate cryptocurrencies into their products.  MGO from MobileGO’s is particularly made for the PCO and mobile gaming partners.  The MGO token is now made available at the Xsolla Platform.

There are more than 500 games on the platform.  And, all of these users will be getting access to the MGO token.

The MGO according to the company has been crafted in a way to be useful for the developers and the users.  They are focusing on becoming the universal currency for nearly 2.6 billion gamers from across the world.  This, in turn, will help the large and the small game developers in the industry to improve their business.  The gamers will thus be getting the advantage of smart contracts.

The e-sports segment in the gaming industry is particularly where the accuracy of the records is important.  The transparency factor is also vital.  MGO token uses the smart contracts for the e-sports segment thereby it leverages the blockchain network. Thus, the prizes are automatically distributed per conditions, and there is no worry about any kind of alteration by the third party.  The money is released only after the due terms of the smart contract are complete.

The MCO token is also used in the loyalty rewards that are provided in games, and it is also used for the in-game payments to be made.  The major advantage of this process is the payment processing speed.   The level of security is also good.  The time for transfer is less when compared to the traditional payment systems and the options for fraud are also very less.

This token according to the company will be added in 700 existing payment methods that are being used on Xsolla.  Thus, users will be getting an opportunity to pay using crypto.

The transformative opportunities for the MGO community will be updated on a regular basis.  The royalty payouts will not be made faster than before. Very soon decentralized gaming tournaments will also be a possibility making the experience of playing matches in a way never before.

Aleksandr Agapitov, the founder of Xsolla, has to state that “MGO is the Bitcoin of the gaming industry” he further added that they are making it available to more than half a billion gamers to date.

The suite of tools offered by Xsolla helps video game developers to be able to monetize, scale and launch their gaming products. There are launcher applications available for uses.  There are customization tools, anti-fraud systems, and a partner network. The services of the company are made available in more than 20 languages in more than 130 countries.  They are the only company concentrating on the game development community worldwide.

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