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New crypto GAME Coopet is to introduce a Virtual Reality gaming experience on the blockchain

Coopet is a futuristic dragon-breeding, egg hatching and fighting gaming platform based on VR and blockchain technologies to introduce a next-generation gaming experience for players. The crypto portal ensures a safe and transparent experience for players with: Dual Factor Authentication as standard. 6 currency pair Wallet BTC, ETH, BNB, EOS, TRX and COO as standard. The game is LIVE and playable today with 40,000 registered players day6 of the Coopet ICO.

Place, Date: A new crypto platform is all set to revolutionize the gaming world by integrating digital currency to connect games to the real world economy. Named “Coopet”, the latest launch in the crypto scene is aimed to introduce the next-generation VR gaming experience to gamers with the incorporation of futuristic VR technology on a blockchain foundation. Players will be able to own their assets in the game as  well as raise capital from gaming.  Ios and Android apps as standard.

Founded by Singapore-based COOTECH PTE. LTD., Coopet is has already launched its highly successful private sale in August, 2018. The ICO has seen 80% investment in 5days during launch on September 9, 2018.  It should be noted that Coopet is the 1st game of its kind in a series, so investment is not solely in one game but an investment in the development of 10 games already planned for future releases.

Coopet is a breakthrough dragon-raising game based on the technology of Virtual Reality and powered by Blockchain Ethereum infrastructure. The game will enable players to buy, sell, exchange as well as breed their pet (real dragons). The use of VR technology will ensure an unmatched immersive and engaging gaming experience like no other- while the blockchain base will guarantee nobody gets to change or impact player’s Coopet assets.

“Blockchain is the future and its application goes far beyond Bitcoin. We have undertaken extensive research on the revolutionary technology and we are confident about its huge potential in near future.  We aspire to create a state of the art game ecosystem powered by blockchain technology to revolutionize the way traditional paid games are played online. Coopet is our inaugural game in the blockchain world and we are positive about the great prospects it’s going to introduce in the contemporary gaming scene”, stated CEO from COOTECH PTE. LTD.

Backed by blockchain technology, Coopet is designed to solve the major problems that solve the traditional internet gaming scene, like:

  • Virus attacks & hacking attempts
  • Player losing out on all his assets due to bug or glitches in game’s server

Coopet will solve these issues with its host of state of the art benefits:

  • With Coopet, all assets will be owned by the player himself and his assets will not be under the reins of any 3rd party publisher
  • Completely transparent trades thanks to blockchain structure which further implies no risk of fake trades and back-trades
  • No operation will have interruptions or maintenance issues
  • Dual Factor Authentication ensures security as standard

“Coopet eliminates all risks of losing out on assets for the players. The data on the blockchain platform is free from any kind of external impact and players will be able to own or sell their assets. As Coopet is based on blockchain’s decentralized technology, every node in the blockchain will take care of the management & power of the network. It will reduce the risks of swindle and forgery and ensure a seamless operation for players on the Coopet platform. Put simply, we promise you a safer and more prospective gaming environ.”


For more information, please visit https://coopet.io

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