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Oduwa Blockchain Solutions signs alliance with 6 African currencies

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Oduwa Blockchain Solutions has listed 6 partner currencies on the soon to be launched Oduwa exchange. The company extends the first cryptocurrency with asset protection in Africa and assures easy mining from home.

November 3, 2018 : Revolutionary crypto platform Oduwa Blockchain Solutions has recently signed a partnership with as many as 6 African currencies. The FIRST of its kind, Oduwa is the only cryptocurrency till date that assures asset protection for the investors. All the 6 partner currencies will be traded on Oduwa Exchange.

The company has already released its iOS and Android app and both the applications are bustling with rave reviews from users. The Exchange is in the final stage of development and will open shortly this month only.

Oduwa Coin represents a next-gen digital payment system which takes to P2P system to settle transactions in a blockchain powered network. What separates it from many regular crypto coins is its state of the art hybrid blockchain architecture which assures asset protection to user and highly values privacy, security and efficiency. Oduwa community allows all users to sell, buy, donate gift and make payment with Oduwa coin.

“Gone are the days when Africa used to be deemed synonymous with phonies and scammers. But Oduwa is all set to redefine these perceptions and transcend Africa to the esteemed pedestal which is usually graced by the USA or Europe. We have come up with a groundbreaking cryptocurrency which is for Africans and by Africans and is aimed to revolutionize the way Africans transact their business. Oduwa is one of the most sought after cryptocurrencies which carry the same great benefits of other major digital currencies like BTC but is also devoid of their drawbacks”, stated a leading spokesperson from Oduwa Blockchain Solutions.

Oduwa Blockchain Solutions is also allowing users to participate in coin mining with Oduwa blockchain wallet and consequently generate wealth – right from, the comfort of their home.

“We heartily welcome you to our unique Oduwa PoS mining pool where you can mine from your QT wallet. Unlike the regular crypto mining scenario, there is no question of investing in any sort of costly hardware. You will simply have to deposit Oduwa in your PoS wallet and commence mining with staking minimum 2000 OWC.”

Users can choose from Windows Wallet, Linux Wallet, Public API and Fund Wallet.

Oduwa is looking forward to reach out to total 50 million people across the continent in the next couple of years with the help of mobile companies.

Cameroon -25 million Ethiopia – 107.534 million

Ghana -29.5 million

Kenya – 50.95 million

Nigeria -195.875 million

South Africa -58.397 million

Our Business Development head, Mr. Charles Anchang holds strong connections in the crypto, tech and international business world. We are hopeful such connections will help us to reach to our target by the final quarter of 2020. Again, we have American – Nigerian Chambers Of Commerce working with us to facilitate this project. So, you can say, we have a pretty strong backup behind us and many esteemed people who believe in our vision and project.

For more information, please visit https://oduwacoin.io &  https://www.oduwa.io (mainnet)

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