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One of the most promising ICO’s of 2018 might be just around the corner

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Mention the term “ICO” to a cryptocurrency enthusiast and (more often than not) you should end up hearing stories of success, misery, broken promises, fraud and disbelief – not from the distant past. Going through a rollercoaster ride witnessing “The Good”, “The Bad” and “The Ugly” from ICO’s launched in 2017 and early 2018, investments in ICO’s dwindled greatly in numbers from the second quarter of 2018 (see comparison charts below). Part of this was fuelled by the general bear market that cryptocurrencies entered, however, a considerably large contributor was also investors being wary of losing their investments over start-up’s indulging in fraudulent and misleading practices or harping on false promises backed up by convincing wireframes and attractive roadmaps.

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Things have however taken a different direction (for better) this year and “scrutiny” from both retail and institutional investors has, sort of, become a norm in the ICO’s of today. Today’s investors are inquisitive about the many key factors – Idea, Vision, Team, Product, Partnerships, Viability and so on – that differentiate “just another ICO” with one which has the potential of bringing in a disruption to the blockchain space.

Lynked.World, a Dutch-based company that offers a blockchain ID verification solution and an entire application platform enforcing the trust and authenticity of digital identity, data and documents ranks high in all categories when it comes to evaluating the yardsticks of being an attractive and promising project. The project is being executed based out of Netherlands, but they have good presence across India, which they have selected as their pilot market. Their product portfolio consists of different components – Digital Identity, Dynamic Profile and Configurable Forms, Digital Wallet, Background Verification Platform, Application Development Platform, Trusted Professional Network and Job Portal (to name a few) that harness exciting features of blockchain technology. What sets their project apart from many other players are;

  • A ready to use product and published mobile applications for both the iOS and Android platforms
  • Interest and feature rich concepts that can be used in many real-world scenarios
  • Many impressive partnerships
  • Five patent applications pending
  • Live implementations of their application in more than one partners

“Lynked.World” is in fact one of the very few projects to have launched an ICO after having a ready to use product, partnerships across different industry verticals and live implementations at multiple partners. No doubt the project has been gaining a lot of traction since launch with one of the leading blockchain investment firms “Pecunio” recently announcing a strategic investment of up to $5 M USD into the project.

The project also boasts of the fact that two government organizations in India – Bankura Municipal Corporation and Durgapur Municipal Corporation, have realized the potential and partnered with them to be able to simplify administrative operations and making processes like application for legal documents such as birth certificates more streamlined by harnessing the power of blockchain based digital identity and other features within their platform.

Arun Kumar, Lynked.World Founder and CEO, quote:

“The main aim of our company is to build trust through verification and guarantee authenticity. These things remain elusive even in our digital world today, but Lynked.World harnesses the power of blockchain technology and offers organizations and individuals a platform within which the veracity of digital identities and digitally shared documents and data is not questionable. We believe that by overcoming the trust barrier, we can bring about a radical change in the current status quo and innumerable services can be rendered in a more secure, efficient and convenient manner”.

Recently, the project also announced strategic partnerships with four other major organizations in India, the most noteworthy of them being Coal India Limited (CIL) which is the largest coal producing company in the world. It is also India’s second largest government sector employer with more than 300,000 employees and one of the top 20 companies in India by market capitalization (> US$ 20 billion). CIL plans to use the Lynked.World platform to issue blockchain-based digital ID cards to all its employees and vendors.

The Lynked.World platform has also been able to partner with many major educational institutions, hotels, corporates etc. and adoption of their platform has been more than inspiring considering that the platform was launched not so long ago and they are yet to raise any funds from their token sale. It is true that these are early days and it remains to be seen if blockchain technology proves to be as disruptive as promised. However, we are currently at a critical juncture where technology needs to meet adoption, and to this effect, Lynked.World is promising enough to be one of the few spearheading the movement towards mass adoption of blockchain technologies.

Lynked.World is gearing up to launch its public ICO on November 15, 2018 which continues till February 10, 2019. We believe that based on the track record of their achievements since their inception, state of their partnerships and product portfolio and investments from one of the leading blockchain investment firms; Lynked.World is indeed one of the most promising projects to look out for towards the end of 2018.

You can find out more about more about Lynked.World by visiting https://tokensale.lynked.world

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