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PlayGame.com to Accelerate Business after Successful ICO Closing at 600 Million PXG Hard Cap

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, November 12, 2018 – Decentralised blockchain-based crypto-arcade PlayGame.com will be on overdrive to develop and promote its ecosystem, after successfully hit their funding target in its initial coin offering (ICO). The sale of PlayGame.com’s PXG token on the Tokenomy platform began with a pre-ICO from 10 to 23 September and a full public ICO from 24 September to 23 October, finishing at hard cap 600 million PXG two days before closing. The pre-ICO and ICO accepted ETH, BTC, and TEN currencies, with 1 ETH equivalent to 18,000 PXG during the pre-ICO and 1 ETH equivalent to 15,000 during the ICO.

PXG, an ERC20 cryptocurrency token, features a smart contract platform that allows game publishers, developers, crypto-enthusiasts, and gaming communities around the world to monetise the use of cryptocurrencies without a single deduction to their revenue. The platform is a first-of-its-kind direct-to-play HTML5 gaming platform where players can play HTML5 games from any device, and does not require them to download any of the game.

PlayGame.com has set a limit to the number of PXG tokens at only 1,000,000,000 (1 billion), which may be fractionally divisible with units that are fungible and transferable. Being an ERC20 token, PXG is compatible with the Ethereum’s development tools, wallets, and exchanges. Through the Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM), users can deploy and execute smart contracts, which will enable complex issuance rules for cryptocurrencies and the automation of incentive structures.

PlayGame.com aims to overcome the hurdles standing in the way of game developers about the lack of transparency, piracy issues, inefficient payment calculation, and distribution. With PXG, game developers and gamers can be secure that all activities and transactions are transparent.

“ The cryptocurrency space is a welcome opportunity for game developers to easily acquire funding for their projects. We at PlayGame.com found a way for healthy competition on the CPI (Cost-Per-Install) war, where independent studios and good talent can collaborate and develop free-to-play games with long development timelines. We believe this is one way to address challenges among big game studios, who are experiencing dwindling numbers in terms of players and revenue, ” said Anton Soeharyo, CEO of PlayGame.com .

After the ICO, PlayGame.com expects to have their wallet service launched by end of November 2018. Fast-forward to January 2019, the company is set to launch its full service offerings, to include crypto payment gateway and derive its account services, wallet, and trust protocol with the SDK in beta phase. The gaming community can anticipate the soft launch of the PlayGame.com platform in 2Q19 alongside the implementation of the PXG wallet and smart contract and the release of the SDK. The same period will witness the game developer beta outreach. Finally, by 3Q19, PlayGame.com will be launched on a global level together with the introduction of the PXG virtual lending machine.

Founded in 2018, PlayGame.com is led by Anton Soeharyo who has more than ten years of experience in gaming and digital technologies, with mission to help gamers, game developers, entrepreneurs, investors, advertisers, and other future-thinking crypto enthusiastic people convert their game ideas into fully-functional games that can be enjoyed by millions of people regardless of their location, origin, game devices or socioeconomic status. Alongside Soeharyo is a team of experts in game development, community management, commodities trading, and digital marketing, all backed by strong relationships with prominent venture capital firms. At present, PlayGame.com is funded by a top-tier venture capital investor. PlayGame.com plans to expand to the rest of South East Asia, Japan, Korea and China by the end of 2019.

About Playgame

PlayGame Pte Ltd is a blockchain-powered direct-to-play gaming platform where people can play for free, create their competition with their friends and win pool prizes.

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