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QuantmRE Partners with Securrency Regulatory A-Plus Offering


QuantmRE, the provider of real estate tokens for single family residential homes partners with Securrency, which is a fintech company offering services globally.

EQRE is a stable coin that is compliant and meant to operate with real estate assets.  There is a requirement for infrastructure development for the real estate trading platform envisioned by QuantmRE. Through the partnership, QuantmRE will support its patent-pending real estate trading platform offering fractional security tokens to investors.

CAT-20 is the proprietary security token protocol from Securrency.  The protocol functions via the multi-venue identify services of the company.  The rules engine will ensure that the security tokens sustain their compliance during the secondary market trading process throughout the life cycle of the security token lifecycle.

The token-key lock system is patent pending. This technology will ensure that assets might not be held, traded, or transferred either to wallets or from wallets without the required qualifications.

The major reason for why QuantmRE partnered with Securrency was to facilitate EQRE offering. This will provide QuantmRE’s global real estate marketplace the required cornerstone technology.

Matthew Sullivan, CEO QuantmRE stated, “Cryptocurrencies which operate as securities need to be exhibiting robust and frictionless regulatory compliance as a critical component for the mass-market adoption of cryptos.”

The versatile range of technologies of Securrency will be used by QuantmRE to launch its trading platform.  The trading platform will be based on blockchain and it will be compliant with regulations.  This providing for members to be able to diversify their investment portfolio into fractional real assets.  Thus homeowners will be able to cash out their equity without having to take extra debt.

Leaseum Partners is yet another company providing real estate tokens or security tokens for an asset class based in NYC.

Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency, stated “Tokenized securities are a real opportunity for several innovative companies from around the world and as well for a brand new pool of cryptocurrency investors. We are excited to join QuantmRE’s vision to help them achieve their objective of creating the largest blockchain-based capital markets system in the world, particularly based on fractionalized real estate assets. We trust this partnership will prove a reliable model for others looking to issue security tokens in compliant and transparent terms.”

Regulation A+ offering is worked on for EQRE token.  QuantmRE is, therefore, establishing a blockchain technology that will be focused on creating wealth via equity and by enabling direct transactions between real estate investors and homeowners. When the QuantmRE platform becomes completely operational, it will be possible for members who quality to diversify their investment portfolio to purchase EQRE.

This trading platform will make ‘home owe-ers’ will thus become ‘home-owners’ eventually leading to the mass market adoption of this technology eventually making EQRE as a stable coin with global acceptance.

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