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RedCab’s revolutionary business model to take REDC token value to staggering heights in no time


RedCab is looking to create Network Dominance with its unique Proof of Driving & Proof of Marketing business models that will help to escalate its token value over time.

Next-gen P2P blockchain-based cab hire company RedCab has introduced a revolutionary business model that will enhance the value of its REDC  token to excellent heights over time. The company has just completed a successful token sale and once the cab hire app is implemented and REDC is deployed for transaction, the price will soar. RedCab is aimed to ensure maximum profit for drivers and optimum savings for customers by eliminating the concept of middlemen from the process.

RedCab has introduced two unique business concepts, namely, Proof of Driving & Proof of Marketing to maintain the supply & demand balance of the network.

What makes RedCab unique from other cab hire applications is its path-breaking “no-surge” policy. With other car hailing applications, surge pricing is common if the demand for cars is high and supply of drivers is low. The surge pricing, which at times could be up to 20x, is done to inspire drivers to take the trips. The end result is exploited customers who are forced to pay unjust amounts.

But RedCab is geared to change all such woes with its Proof of Driving model.

RedCab’s Proof of Driving is designed to inspire drivers to accept trips and help customers to travel from one location to another. The platform utilizes a state of the art algorithm which creates tokens from reserved pool when the driver has kept the app open & GPS chip on his smartphone is recording the miles driven. As a result REDC tokens will be generated & multiplied by percentage of completed trips to prove that the drivers are actually driving customers- whilst maintaining the supply balance of the network.

RedCab’s Proof of Marketing follows a referral marketing strategy which rewards customers with REDC tokens when they refer RedCab app to family and friends. As the customer’s network grows, he will be rewarded for each mile driven by his referrals up till 3 levels. When customers start to increasingly refer RedCab app to their own network, it will lead to generation of more and more REDC tokens. It will further leverage the growth of the whole RedCab network.

As per the statement of a leading spokesperson from the company, REDC tokens will be only created when the RedCab app users will use the app to book rides. More they use the app, more will be the demand for trips. This organic demand for RedCab trips will consequently motivate the RedCab drivers to accept the trips. With drivers readily accepting trips and customers increasingly booking RedCab, it will be easier for RedCab to establish Network Dominance in the whole cab hire world. And Network Dominance will automatically escalate the value of REDC tokens over time.

RedCab is aiming to get listed on the topmost crypto exchanges and is listed on the esteemed CoinmarketCap.com.

For more information, please visit https://www.redcab.io/.

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