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Revolutionary Roadmap Unveiled by Floki for 2023: Major Upgrades, New Features, and Collaborations Looming on the Horizon


Floki, a fast-evolving name in the cryptocurrency space, has offered an insightful peek into its dynamic 2023 roadmap. The update promises the launch of several key commitments, indicating a positive trajectory for the project.

The Floki development team has been working diligently behind the scenes, making substantial strides in bolstering the Floki universe:

  1. FlokiFi Locker Major Upgrade: This upgrade, poised to be the most significant for the FlokiFi Locker, introduces elements like native payments, a referral program, burn functionality, lock extension, and support for V3 Positions LPs. Once industry-leading auditor Certik gives its approval – a process already underway – the upgraded protocol is expected to go live.
  2. Lending and Borrowing Integration with DeFi: The team is in the final stages of integrating with the premier lending protocol on the BNB chain. This would allow Floki token holders to leverage their tokens to borrow stablecoins and other crypto assets, reducing the need to sell tokens for liquidity.
  3. Staking: Currently undergoing rigorous testing, Floki’s staking program is developed with the aim to make staking beneficial for all Floki token holders. It stands as the project’s top priority and the team is pushing to launch it once internal checks are complete.
  4. FlokiFi Redesign: With a goal of enhancing user experience, Floki is revamping the FlokiFi Locker to become even more user-friendly, providing an intuitive interface for its users. It is in the final stages of completion and will go live after the last checks are done.
  5. Project TL: An innovative protocol designed to democratize access to crypto ventures. Project TL aims to accelerate mainstream adoption of crypto, potentially attracting thousands, if not millions, of users in the long run.

These are just the highlights of Floki’s extensive roadmap for 2023. Other initiatives in the pipeline, such as the highly anticipated Valhalla mainnet launch, will add more utility to the Floki token and further strengthen the Floki ecosystem.

Full details of the Floki 2023 roadmap can be found here: https://realflokiinu.medium.com/floki-2023-roadmap

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