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Revolutionary user-centric decentralized crypto exchange DexAge to launch Pre ICO- enlisted in Latoken Exchange

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DexAge is an innovative decentralized user-centric exchange portal with multi-trading ecosystem which is governed by social web and is aimed to solve the current problems posed by centralized exchanges.

Next-generation decentralized crypto exchange platform DexAge is soon to launch its pre-ICO by the end of this month. The company has already grabbed a listing in the esteemed exchange Latoken and investors will be able to invest via both Latoken website and DexAge portal.

DexAge has already launched its Airdrop that will continue till November 29, 2018. The token price for Airdrop is – $30= 3,000 DXG (DexAge token).

The DexAge pre ICO will commence right after the conclusion of Airdrop, on November 30 and will continue till December 31, 2018.

The token price for Pre ICO is – $0.006 = 1 DXG.

The Pre-ICO stage will start with 40% discount for investors.

A revolution in the current crypto exchange world, DexAge stands out as a futuristic decentralized exchange portal with multi-trading ecosystem. It allows P2P crypto-crypto exchange, P2P crypto to fiat trading as well as P2P lending & chat on DexAge mobile app (DAPP). The platform follows a convenient user-centric approach and the entire portal is governed by social web.

According to the statement of the DexAge spokesperson, the platform is launched to address the issues faced by contemporary centralized exchanges. The centralized exchanges pose  various problems like hacking threats, lower liquidity, loss of money, higher fluctuation in rates as well as exorbitant trading fees. But DexAge is strategically developed to solve all such woes through its user-centric decentralized structure.

  • DexAge’s decentralized structure is made of distributed nodes and supported by a powerful architecture that offers strong resistance to any hacking attempts
  • Unlike central exchanges ruled by one single authority, DexAge bans the concept of authority monopoly and prevents accessibility to user personal data for 3rd party which assures higher security for users
  • It also helps with lesser fluctuation rates compared to centralized exchanges
  • The DexAge portal assures safe automation for all transactions by decentralized escrow service to ensure complete security for trading, exchanging and lending

“DexAge represents a groundbreaking decentralized, permissionless and trustless exchange that rests the control of transactions in the users only. Backed by the innovative maxim of social web, DexAge aims to create an environment where smooth social interactions between traders users and investors will leverage the rise of our platform. Thanks to our exclusive decentralized blockchain structure, all our transactions will be auditable and hack resistant. We promise you complete security through our use of smart contracts and strict user authorization”, noted the DexAge spokesperson.

For more information, please visit https://dexage.io/.


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