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SI joins the advisory board of revolutionary energy-efficient cryptocurrency EDC Blockchain

EDC Blockchain

EDC Blockchain is a sustainable next-gen crypto currency that aspires to ensure comfortable living for all and is determined to make the world a greener place to live in.

Leading Crypto expert SI has recently joined the advisory board of next-gen cryptocurrency EDC Coin. The latest crypto platform represents a completely decentralized blockchain-based payment system which assures more than hundred transactions in just 5 seconds with its edgy DPOS algorithm. The EDC Coin cryptocurrency is aimed to provide sufficient funds for quality living for everybody.

“I am excited to join as a senior advisor in the EDC Blockchain board. What I especially love about this unique coin is its goal to change the world for better which will ensure adequate funds for comfortable living for everybody”, stated Mr.I.

As per his statements, EDC coin aspires to eliminate monopoly of financial institutions that leads to unequal distribution of wealth in the society. It aims to establish a decentralized ecosystem of resource-based relations that will use cryptocurrency and will be available all across the globe without any boundary or limitation. The company has already launched a cryptocurrency constructor that allow people to create their own coins with own blockchain, inside the EDC unit.

EDCBlockchain has further announced to make positive contributions to make the world a greener and sustainable place to live in. The futuristic crypto platform will invest a portion of its income in the development of upcoming urban projects that aim to work for fresh air and clean air in cities.

EDC also stands out with its exclusive referral program that is designed especially for the EDC Coin. As part of the program, users will receive a percentage of the revenue of their partners whom they refer to EDCBlockchain. The referral bonus percentage will range from 2.5% to 25%. To receive 25% referral bonus, a user should have minimum 200 EDC in his account.

Speaking further, Mr.I mentioned about the cutting edge DPOS (Delegated proof of Stake) algorithm of EDC Blockchain that works as a ledger to keep tab on digital assets. Each update on the ledger will be tested before application to ensure a perfect order. The updates will only be applied after they have received universal consensus regarding application. A user can always check the network condition by monitoring participation level of witnesses. The EDC Blockchain algorithm is designed specifically to support participation from 99% witnesses. it eventually helps to assure 99% chance of confirmation of the deal after one witness. This principle will enable certification of more than hundred transactions in just 1 to 5 seconds.

EDC has also come up with its desktop & mobile wallet for all the leading operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and so on. The wallet will enable users to store the coins, receive & send funds, check balance and so on. Besides, the EDC Blockchain wallet is backed by a bustling community where over 500K users will be able to see new coins within the wallet.

“The EDC wallet will enable you to manage coins from the wallet only. Put simply, it will eliminate the hassle of storing the full-size units of the chain on your mobile phone that may otherwise choke the phone space. With EDCBlockchain wallet, you will easily enjoy free space on your data carrier and you will also be able to carry your coins anywhere you go.”

EDC Blockchain has already been listed on the leading crypto exchanges including Coin Market Cap.

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