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Stellar Winning Investor Trust Is Heading Towards a Bullish Run


Steve Kirsch, CEO of Token.io stated, “Fragmentation and a lack of consistency in third party access are creating complexity in open banking.”  He further added, “So we welcome the chance to work with Mastercard and leverage Token’s open API platform, to address these issues at scale and together accelerate the global adoption of open banking.”

Mastercard is beginning to build on the blockchain after teaming with Stellar with a dispute resolution mechanism in place, thus ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

Token.io is a San Francisco based startup which has a major goal of making it easy to send money globally just as fast as they will be able to send e-mails.

To facilitate this, Token.io “provides for financial API, TokenOS, as well as a dollar-backed stable coin on the Stellar (XLM) blockchain, Token X.”

The partnership of Mastercard will facilitate using blockchain technology; however, it is not yet clear on whether they will be using digital assets like crypto in the process.

Stellar is attracting a lot of user attention of late.  They are trying to do something very similar to Ripple.  They are attempting to develop a ledger that will be scalable by employing several efficient ways of enabling transactions among traditional banking institutions. It is expected for the XLM in the coming week to go on a parallel bull run.

Stellar has a lot of benefits over Ripple, particularly in terms of marketability.  Ripple is developed in a way to work mainly with conventional banks in a regular space.  Experts believe that Stellar is uniquely fit to work with ICOs and DApps.  The marketability of stellar is based on its core usefulness.

Stellar also has other attractive elements like pre-tailored decentralized exchanges and low trading expenses. While Ripple has been subject to several court procedures by angry investors who have lost their money to the Ripple token, Stellar is comparatively straight and safe.

With all this in place, there are a few technical indicators which have already predicted a significant bull run before the end of the current year. For now, Stellar is considered to be an investment that can be trusted.

Michael Sonnenshein stated, “An American bank might keep large amounts of currencies in foreign banks, and be able to bring those balances onto the balance sheet as working capital. Financial institutions will not be required to hold balance all over. This will improve efficiency and shore up the balance sheets for other use.”

At the time of reporting the news, Stellar was at $0.08 with a daily trading volume at $162,679,715.

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