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TheCurrencyAnalytics chooses revolutionary hybrid blockchain portal XinFin to build pathbreaking REAL news protocol

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TheCurrencyAnalytics has selected futuristic hybrid blockchain platform XinFin to build its phenomenal REAL news protocol that promises only the most authentic and ethical news reports.

October 9, 2018: TheCurrencyAnalytics has again teamed up with next-gen hybrid blockchain platform XinFin to build its revolutionary REAL news protocol. The leading online crypto news website has already had its smart contracts built by XinFin previously and the recent collaboration signals a long-term relationship between the two.

The REAL news protocol is propounded by TheCurrencyAnalytics in its bid to offer the most genuine and ethical crypto news reports through its crypto token TCAT. The term “REAL” here refers to:

  • REAL news reports sourced only from first-hand observed phenomenon
  • Ethical news reports penned by most committed, impartial, seasoned and professional journalists
  • Attributive news stories where all facts are thoroughly verified before sending them to readers
  • Lasting news stories which can meaningfully contribute to functional discussions across the crypto community

XinFin is a revolution in the crypto world and has added a new dimension to the crypto scene with its state of the art hybrid blockchain platform. The portal is built on cutting-edge XDC protocol which is powerfully designed to support smart contracts layer, price stability and AML/KYC layer through its hedge pool for prime cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, BCH etc. Most importantly, thanks to its hybrid blockchain infrastructure, XinFin is able to ensure more security, flexibility, simplicity, auditability & faster transaction time. We had a wonderful experience with XinFin when we first collaborated for TCA’s smart contracts and we knew TCA could not have a better partner for its groundbreaking REAL news protocol”, stated Sydney Ifergan, the chief spokesperson from TheCurrencyAnalytics and also senior advisor for XinFin.

“Being an advisor of XinFin, I know the platform inside out and I am impressed with its state of the art concept and infrastructure. The platform is one of the most experienced names in the crypto scene and we are looking forward to many more collaborations with XinFin in longer term.”

XinFin is based on a futuristic hybrid blockchain model which embodies the best of both public and private blockchain systems. The portal is aimed to address the different issues plaguing the global infrastructure development scene to uplift international trade & finance. XinFin has come up with a swappable ERC20, XDCE, that promises multiple benefits for traders, private investors, and also institutional-level partners.

XinFin’s XDCE stands out in the market with a host of multiple cutting-edge advantages:

  • Tradable on various exchanges which support ERC20 tokens
  • Supports BDC liquidity and commands strong presence in liquidity markets
  • Supports all decentralized exchanges
  • has garnered support from liquidity providers

“We are extremely honored to be the #1 choice for building TCA’s pathbreaking REAL news protocol. The current crypto community is marred with fake and biased news that misguide investors and subject them to pricey losses many times. There is an urgent for genuine and ethical news stories that can actually guide investors towards smarter decisions. We champion TCA for its innovative approach to bring the ‘real’ news reports to the crypto community that will be able to guide the investors in the right path. We are confident of our next-gen hybrid blockchain portal and cutting-edge XDCE token and we believe we will be able to do justice to the revolutionary REAL new protocol, added Atul Khekade, the leading spokesperson from XinFin.

For more information about The Currency Analytics visit : https://thecurrencyanalytics.com

For more information about Xinfin visit: http://xinfin.org/

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