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TCAT clinches listing in world-class digital asset exchange FinanceX


TCAT is a futuristic crypto token which is aimed to enlighten the crypto world with real, authentic and unbiased news stories that will be written by dedicated, impartial and expert journalists.

The Currency Analytics has bagged listing for TCAT in the revolutionary asset exchange portal FinanceX. Mr. Sydney Ifergan, the chief of the leading crypto news site, has recently confirmed the news about the upcoming listing of TCAT on the prestigious exchange. After the listing, TCA users will be able to invest in the token through FinanceX.

Mr. Ifergan is also one of the senior advisors of FinanceX. Hence, TCAT’s listing on FinanceX is a natural progression for The Currency Analytics. “As a senior advisor of FinanceX, I am convinced about the bright future of FinanceX. TCAT is designed with a powerful mission in mind and we needed a state of the art exchange to complement our vision. FinanceX fits the bill perfectly with its innovative approach and pathbreaking infrastructure. Additionally, the site is very strict about security measures which assure complete safety for our TCAT users on FinanceX”, stated Mr. Ifergan.

FinanceX is a futuristic global digital asset exchange that offers the unique ability to trade in local fiat currencies in the crypto world in real-time. The platform aspires to create a reliable, convenient & secured ecosystem where traders will be able to sell, buy as well as manage digital assets in fiat- without constraints or risks of high exchange rates. The brainchild of a team of highly seasoned fin-tech experts, FinanceX is backed by esteemed financial institutions from various parts of the world.

FinanceX is creating an interexchange network between countries meaning TCAT will constantly be exposed to new markets and new investors.”

TCAT is a next-gen crypto token which is aimed to introduce the most authentic, ethical and meaningful news reports in the crypto scene. The token is based on its exclusive REAL protocol which stands for:

  • Real news strictly written on the basis of actual events
  • Ethical news reports penned by sincere, unbiased and dedicated journalists
  • Attributive news reports where all facts are extensively verified before publishing
  • Lasting news stories which can make pragmatic and functional contributions to the larger crypto community

“Mr. Ifergan is one of our senior advisors and we are honored to have TCAT listed on our exchange. We wholly support and salute the mission pioneered by TCAT and we are looking forward to see it introducing a new dimension in the crypto scene. The expansion and accessibility of FinanceX exchange makes it the perfect home for TCAT”, added in Mr. Peter Dinh, CEO of FinanceX.

For more details, please go to https://financex.io/ and https://financex.id

For more details about The currency Analytics, please visit: https://thecurrencyanalytics.com



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