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TCAT clinches listing on fast emerging LocalTrade exchange


LocalTrade is a growing crypto exchange which allows fiat-to-coin and coin-to-coin trading with highly affordable fees and in an extremely secured trading environment.

Leading online crypto news portal The Currency Analytics has lately announced the listing of its flagship token TCAT on LocalTrade exchange. A fast-evolving name in the crypto exchange market, LocalTrade assures competitive fees and super-secured trading. The exchange offers both coin-to-coin & fiat-to-coin trading opportunities.

“It’s a moment of great honor for us to announce that our token TCAT has been approved for listing in LocalTrade. We all know about the outstandingly affordable trading fees of the exchange and the edgy security measures the site has taken to protect the users.

We are always particular about the convenience, savings and security of our traders and we have been looking forward to the listing for long. Now, that TCAT has been finally approved by LocalTrade, there could not be a better way to end the year”, stated Sydney Ifergan, senior crypto expert and chief of The Currency Analytics.

LocalTrade assures superfast immediate transaction, much to the convenience of traders. Established in 2017, the exchange has amassed a wide reputation in a short time for its extremely competitive fees.

LocalTrade charges a flat trading fee of 0.20 percent per trade while most other exchanges demand as high as 0.25% commission. Besides, maximum number of deposits made at LocalTrade is completely free of charge.
As per the statements of Mr. Ifergan, LocalTrade has taken serious measures to protect the funds from cyber frauds.

The exchange stores funds in a special state of the art crypto wallet which is always unique for every user on the exchange. After a user sends his funds to his unique wallet, his balance is refilled automatically as the needed level of confirmation is reached. After successful fund transfer to personal balance of LocalTrade Exchange , user would be able to deploy the funds for trading.

When a transaction starts, the respective cryptocurrency sum is placed automatically in reserve from LocalTrade wallet of the seller. This way, even if the seller is unethical & vanishes with buyer’s money and does not send him the cryptocurrency- the exchange will send the buyer the cryptocurrency from this reserved account.

LocalTrade has also adopted the advanced 2-Factor Authentication security system to ensure optimum security for traders.
TCAT by The Currency Analytics is all set to revolutionize the crypto media world through its cutting-edge REAL protocol:

Real news that are always based on observed facts

  • Ethical news reports only which are written by only the most experienced, neutral and ethical journalists
  • Attributive news reports which are published only after thorough screening of the details

Lasting news reports that can make pragmatic contributions to the crypto community

“We believe in the ethos of TCAT to relieve the crypto media of misleading news reports and replace them with only the genuine and thoroughly vetted impartial ones. We are happy to have TCAT onboard”, noted a chief spokesperson from LocalTrade.

For more, please visit https://localtrade.cc/.

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