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TCAT will soon be listed on Exrates exchange


The Currency Analytics token has been approved for listing on fast growing crypto exchange Exrates. The exchange assures low transaction fees, advanced security and a user-friendly interface with multi-language support.

The Currency Analytics is excited to announce the listing of its flagship TCAT token in Exrates exchange. One of the most popular names in the contemporary crypto exchange one, Exrates sits in the top 23rd position in CoinMarketCap. Exrates has already made a name for itself for its minimum exchange fees and optimum security features that ensures safe & affordable trading for users.

“It’s a great moment for us to get selected for listing on Exrates. A fast rising exchange, Exrates assures excellent trading opportunities for traders. Much to the convenience of traders, the transaction fees are comparatively lower here than fiat exchanges & most of the digital marketplaces.

On top of that, Exrates has impressed with immediate trade & transfers. We are always concerned about the comfort of our users and Exrates is one of the best places they will have to trade TCAT”, stated Sydney Ifergan, senior crypto expert and the chief of The Currency Analytics.

Exrates has deployed cutting edge “cryptic algorithms” to eliminate risks of third party threats that may otherwise hamper the data guard mechanisms adopted by the exchange.

“Exrates assure the most advanced security mechanism to protect traders’ data. We want to give our traders maximum security and we are glad that Exrates has approved our listing.”

Speaking further, Mr. Ifergan assured money transfer is just a breeze with Exrates. The user will simply need to know the receiver’s or sender’s “online nickname” and the transaction will be completed in just seconds.
A name of high repute across the crypto media space, The Currency Analytics has recently launched its crypto token TCAT. Now ready for trading, TCAT is driven by the ground-breaking mission to free the crypto media space from misleading and biased news reports. The next-gen token runs on the state of the art REAL protocol where “REAL” stands for:
Real news reports based on observed facts only

  • Ethical news stories written by dedicated, seasoned and impartial journalists
  • Attributive news reports that are only published when all facts have been verified by experts
  • Lasting news reports that can make meaningful contributions to the crypto space in the long run

“We are glad to have TCAT on our listing. We champion the great mission the token has undertaken to guide the crypto investors with the most authentic and impartial news. It holds a promising future and we are confident to witness frequent TCAT trading on our exchange”, noted a leading spokesperson from Exrates.

Exrates guarantees 24/7 support system for its users with its dedicated helpline. Traders may contact the exchange at any time they want in times of emergencies. The exchange is also designed with a multi-language interface so that users from other languages (other than English) find it easier to operate on it.

For more information, please visit https://exrates.me.

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