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WeChat Messaging Continues to Block Crypto Accounts and Bitmain


Cryptocurrency accounts face a censoring as the WeChat app goes on the move to block many crypto accounts. Today, it’s hand on to maximize its effort to target other accounts. The plan of ongoing censorship includes sales content and digital currency analysis.

Bitmain, a giant sales channel, appears to be blocked by WeChat. The reason for the blocking comes from a page that says a violation. As of press time, Bitmain seeks out the answers for the violation. Cryptocurrency users are surprised with the latest announcement from WeChat. They expect that there might be other accounts that would face the censorship.

But, there’s an account of Bitmain that remains active. This account offers product information and other bitcoin data. For the past days, WeChat also takes into account the censorship of other accounts that relate to cryptocurrency. WeChat is under the internet giant company – Tencent

Users who are managing a crypto account couldn’t manage their accounts anymore. Some users who have free access to Bitcoin analysis now lost that access.  Meanwhile, some Ethereum accounts also face a shut down due to WeChat.

It’s surprising, but other bitcoin users have the prediction it would happen. One of the reasons for blocking is the censoring of many accounts from the past days. For Tencent, the reason for the blocking of the accounts is the same as Bitmain. There are certain violations that most of the accounts did.  People and other cryptocurrency users would learn more about this if they read statements.

From here, they would have a clear understanding of the other reasons. For the past days, WeChat was able to shut down 30 accounts. These accounts are related to bitcoin or Ethereum. Some of these accounts fall to the allegation of distribution of coin offerings. The accounts also give important data about blockchain.

Most users await the latest statement on WeChat.  Some of the users fear that they might access their accounts again. But there’s still a chance that the other accounts would be still active. But, they would guess what those accounts are. Meanwhile, there’s growing anticipation for other users to use other accounts still.

As of now, censoring plan of WeChat is still in progress. No one has a clear idea what are the possible accounts that reach censorship. Cryptocurrency users still wait for other updates from WeChat messaging. The coming days and months would be a surprise for most users of the digital currency. People are eager to see what would happen.

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