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Digital Currencies Exchange are Susceptible of Handling, New York Regulators Report Says

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A month-long analysis conducted by the New York State Attorney General’s office revealed that crypto exchanges are at risk to market manipulation and lack standard consumer securities which come with established commercial markets.

The Virtual Markets Integrity statement published Tuesday is composed of 32-pages that highlight problems of security, fairness as well as transparency in digital trading currency. In most cases, digital currency exchanges aren’t doing much to keep investors safe.

Eric Schneiderman, ex-attorney general, launched an inquest a few months ago, looking for cryptocurrency to answer queries regarding consumer protection and transparency. Ten digital currency exchanges conformed to the requests. However, four did not reply, which include Kraken.

According to attorneys general office, even if Gate.io, Binance, and Kraken don’t have the needed permit (BitLicense), they keep on offering services and are potentially in breach of the virtual currency rules of the state.

In declaring the decision of the company to not to partake in the Initiative, Kraken affirmed that manipulation of the digital market does not matter to many traders of digital currency, even while dictating that frauds are uncontrolled in the business. The three exchanges didn’t respond immediately to the request of CNBC.

Bitcoin was the first and the most renowned digital currency. It was started ten years ago. It was presented as an electronic type of cash which would be free from the control of the central bank or government, however, turn out to be a tentative bet last year because it climbed to virtually $20,000. Today, BTC is trading close to USD6, 320 and has lost half of its price since January.

U.S supervisory bodies have repeatedly voiced worry on digital currency market exploitation and consumer security. The SEC cited those problems as essential reasons to block a BTC ETF, and the company has launched many studies into fake initial coin offerings.

What is more to market exploitation, the regulator’s dedicated parts of the report to conflict of interest, safety, as well as keeping consumer funds safe.

According to the report, these exchanges lack a transparent and consistent approach to checking digital currency in their possession. Thus, people are left helpless once their digital currency goes missing.

According to the report, customers are extremely exposed in the case of unauthorized withdrawal or hacking. There are many serious questions on the extent as well as the adequacy of the commercial insurance which specific platforms assert to take to cover digital currency losses.

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