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Google Still Hosts Cryptocurrency Mining Apps in Play Store Despite Ban, According to Reports

Despite the ban, it’s been reported that Google continues to host crypto mining apps in Play Store.  In the revised terms of service of Google, it’s stated that the company does not allow apps that mine the crypto on devices.

However, the search engine mentioned in the past month that it does allow apps that manage cryptocurrency mining remotely to be hosted in the Play Store.   So, despite the ban several cryptocurrency app mining apps remain at the platform, having updated to abide by Google’s new terms.

Others, on the other hand, have altogether removed their apps from Play Store.  In the store, some of the apps found to remain active include BTC Miner Pool, Bitcoin Mining, and Pickaxe Miner.  On the other hand, Cloud Bitcoin Miner has its services revised according to the new terms of Google.  Based on the app’s new description, the mining is not done on the device of the user.

Following the new Google terms, JSEcoin, a blockchain startup based in the UK reached out to the Web giant as they are aware of Google’s restriction policy.  JSEcoin recently launched an Android mobile crypto mining app and reached to Google Support team to confirm if the startup is allowed to permit their users to mine token using the new app.

It was not long when JSEcoin’s official app vanished from Google Play Store. Last week, another mining app, MinerGate, announced its new version via a tweet.   It has been newly designed allowing users to monitor and manage the mining process. The update was a move done to follow with the new terms set by Google.

MinerGate shared news about the update to Hard Folk saying one of the core features of the app used to be mining. However, to abide by the new terms, they opted to remove this function in the app’s last update.  Google barred digital currency apps and mining extensions from its web store earlier this year.

According to the search engine, the ban was because of how almost 90% of the apps and extensions in Play Store and Chrome Web Store that developers tried to upload have mining scripts that failed to comply with the search engine’s mining policies.

The search engine already imposed a ban against nasty cryptojacking apps after a cryptojacking incident while the same app was mining moreno last January.  With this incident, Google soon enforced a prohibition barring all ICO advertisements in its platform on June.


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