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Scalable Points-Based Rating System from SEC Case Laws


Crypto Rating Council formed by investment giants will decide whether a particular asset type can be traded in their platforms or not.

There have been unclear regulatory norms so far, and there was no clear direction to cryptocurrency investors about what they have to look in to.

The Crypto Rating Council call it a “scalable, points-based rating system.” More than a dozen questions will be used in the scaling process.  These questions were directly derived from the case laws and directions of the SEC.

With this rating, investors will be able to make an independent business decision whether about TCAT tokens, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens or any token under the sun to decide whether they would like to support an asset type or otherwise.

The ratings will not be standard.  They might change with time.  Similar tools will be made available for non-US jurisdictions as well.

The technical picture for Ethereum improved as the coin progressed towards $175, thereby making a gain of 2% since the beginning of the day.  This move improved the short-term technical picture of the coin.  The price might likely gain traction towards the $200 in price action.  However, if the price slides back to $170, the token is vulnerable to losses.

There is a lot of XRP in supply, and therefore the 6.50% in gains might not contribute towards sustainability.  The bulls have pushed the price out of the bearish price action though.

Litecoin is facing a bearish trend, and there is heavy market pressure on the coin.  There is no scope of recovery at the time of reporting the news. Due to high market pressure, the price of the token has gone down from the 6th rank to the 5th position.  The sooner the market pressure is gone, the price is expected to recover.  The ROI would be viable in the long term and not for short-term profit seekers.

Justin Sun recently tweeted:  “More fair, more decentralized, more staking, increased lock-up.

  • DpoS DPoS+PoS
  • 16 $TRX per block per SR
  • Top 127 #TRON Partners (by vote) split remaining 160 #TRX per block Updates were awaiting approval by two-thirds of #TRONSRs!”

Binance might scoop up all of TRON’s block rewards, thereby becoming the super-representative of Binance.

This might not be surprising for those who know that Justin Sun and Binance founder CZ have always been friends and they have been helping each other monetarily.

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