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The Shekel’s Challenging Week: Factors Behind Its Recent Decline

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The Israeli shekel has encountered a notable setback this week, registering a 2.5% depreciation against major global currencies like the US dollar and the euro. This recent downturn underscores a period of volatility for the shekel, stirring discussions among investors and market analysts alike regarding the underlying causes and potential future implications.

Current Market Position

As of early afternoon inter-bank trading on March 13, 2024, there was a slight rebound with the shekel strengthening by 0.25% against the dollar, reaching NIS 3.658/$, and by 0.24% against the euro, standing at NIS 3.999/€. This modest recovery follows a more substantial depreciation observed at the beginning of the week, highlighting the unpredictable nature of forex markets.

Just the day before, the Bank of Israel had adjusted the representative rates, marking a 1.136% increase for the shekel-dollar exchange rate at NIS 3.649/$, and a 1.044% rise against the euro at NIS 3.989/€. These adjustments reflect the central bank’s response to the currency’s fluctuations and are a critical factor for traders and businesses engaged in international transactions.

Behind the Shekel’s Depreciation

Several factors contribute to the shekel’s recent performance. Key among them is the escalating tension along Israel’s northern border, which has injected a degree of uncertainty into the market. Additionally, the absence of a temporary ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas for the Ramadan period, coupled with the unresolved situation concerning Israeli hostages, has dampened investor sentiment.

However, it’s not just geopolitical developments influencing the shekel’s trajectory. Economic policies, particularly those of the Bank of Israel, play a pivotal role. Kobby Levi, head of markets strategy at Bank Leumi, shared insights with “Globes,” pointing out that the central bank’s decision to maintain the interest rate last month caught foreign investors off guard. This surprise move initially led to a surge in shekel purchases by these investors, supporting its value. Yet, as foreign investment has moderated, the shekel’s value has correspondingly declined.

Levi further emphasized that the shekel’s depreciation against the euro is particularly noteworthy. This trend suggests a broader context of economic factors at play, beyond the immediate geopolitical tensions affecting investor confidence and currency stability.

Looking Ahead

As the forex market continues to react to these combined influences, all eyes are on the Bank of Israel’s next interest rate decision in early April. This forthcoming announcement is poised to be a focal point for traders, potentially ushering in a new wave of volatility. Market participants are bracing for the impact, eager to see if the central bank’s actions can stabilize the shekel and restore investor confidence.


The shekel’s performance this week paints a complex picture of the interplay between geopolitical tensions, economic policy decisions, and investor behavior. While the immediate future remains uncertain, what is clear is the importance of closely monitoring these developments. For the shekel, as with any currency, resilience and stability are the products of a delicate balance between domestic policy choices and the broader geopolitical landscape. As the situation unfolds, the financial community remains vigilant, ready to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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