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QTUM Busy with GameFi SocialFi and Metaverse Infrastructures for 2022

Patrick Dai gets ridiculed by onlookers who state – everything you are talking about is already running on ...

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Qtum Janus Interoperability Staking Metaverse NFTs and More

Qtum has been designed to permit smart contracts and DApps to operate on the foundations of Bitcoin technol...

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Where is the Ecosystem? Is there anything being built on QTum?

Partick Dai, Founder of Qtum expressed:  Qtum is the first UTXO based smart contract platform since 2017, i...

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Why Qtum Benefits from Changes in the Bitcoin and Ethereum Communities?

The purpose of Qtum is to make smart contracts easier and secure, while providing interoperability with maj...

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Qtum Eclair the Lightning Network Client Contributing to Efficiency

Patrick Dai expressed:  Qtum is the First UTXO based Smart Contract system. UTXO is a simulation of Cash sy...

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