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This is tStamp: the first stamp of transparency that is actively fighting fraud in crypto, blockchain, and emerging technology. We are committed to eradicating fake news, fake statistics, and fake teams.

Why was tStamp created?

ICOs and other blockchain projects are scattered with fake and inaccurate information. The industry needs to be cleaned up. Listing on media websites does not even mean as much as it used to. Its widely-known information that getting listed on a top news website can be a pay-to-play game and not that of merit.

Additionally, there needs to be stamps of reliability which illustrate items like a token having the liquidity it claims to have. Otherwise, a project will get passed by like a cracked windshield at a car lot. Another reason that a stamp is needed is to prove insurance policies (e.g., proof that liquid tokens are “insured” on exchange if the team says they are).

Then there is also the speckled past that crypto is fighting to recover from—fake trading volume and scams. Industry statistics show that up to 90% of crypto projects are scams. A report filed in March 2019 by Bitwise stated that 95% of spot Bitcoin trading volume is faked by unregulated exchanges. This adds to the reports of major industry exchanges “front-loading” their order books, a move that fabricates volume and falsifies industry data. This is unethical.

Another report stated the only $273 million dollars of the $6 billion that is traded per day on the top 81 crypto exchanges if fake. That means that out of the top 81 exchanges that list daily trading volume for $6 billion, only about 4% is real volume. Tie also reported that 90% of trading volume on the top 100 crypto exchanges was fake.

Let’s not forget the teams with fake people. User counts on the world’s leading exchanges were also found to be fabricated so criminals can surpass 2FA regulation. User count is a major statistic that defines what a company is. There needs to be more control and verification.

Who is the Founder?

tStamp was designed and built by Sydney Ifergan, a 20-year marketing veteran that specializes in SEO, online marketing, and web analytics for the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Currently, Sydney owns and operates The Currency Analytics, and also serves as a senior advisor that helps several different teams starting out in the emerging technology space.

What tStamp believes?

By 2024, the global blockchain technology market is expected to reach over $20 billion in revenue. Not just crypto, but the actual infrastructure being built within companies. It will not grow that high with fake ICOs and scammers selling snake oil—people that don’t understand blockchain. The industry needs a real way to verify that information in accurate.

tStamp is a label that seeks to bring blockchain back to its roots. Similar to the journey of the internet from being a decentralized to a centralized state, blockchain has gone from being decentralized and accurate, to being centralized and filled with misinformation. Cryptocurrency should not be looked at this way. Information needs to be accurate. Enter tStamp.

tStamp is committed to transparency for cryptocurrency statistics and blockchain projects. We believe that blockchain’s growth should be directed in a way that’s transparent, accurate, and accountable.

Who do we service?

ICOs, IEOs, STOs, and other token offerings that are looking to get an added layer of validation so that the community understands the legitimacy of the project. We also service news websites that also value transparency and the mission that The Currency Analytics was originally founded upon in 2018. Additionally, we offer our services to blockchain and other emerging technology projects that ask for another layer of verification to qualify themselves to investors and the general public. If there is a question over funding, insurance, or information, then tStamp will give your project that assurance.

We are looking to work with and partner with any organization that feels the need to gain a stamp-of-approval from an organization that is committed to neutral news as well as cryptocurrency and blockchain statistics.

We understand that some organizations will disagree with our standards because real reporting requires real transparency. Sometimes it’s only when you look under the hood of a car that you realize the engine is not what the driver said it is. Cryptocurrency is no different. With that said, again, we know tStamp is only reserved for a select few blockchain projects and cryptocurrency ICOs, IEOs, and STOs that are dedicated to verisimilitude.

Cost of tStamp

The cost to receive the tStamp of approval is 5 ETH for a news website, and 10 ETH for startup ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and other startup blockchain and token projects. Veteran projects will be charged 15 ETH for a listing.

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