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Talk about the latest coins making waves in the crypto scene, and DTEP bags one of the top positions with élan. Launched by advanced crypto blockchain, the coin was released in 2019 with a maximum supply of 140,000,000 coins- and 70 million coins in circulating supply. One of the favorites of smart crypto investors, DTEP surely packs a punch with a number of cutting-edge features.

Independent blockchain, PoS algorithm and faster transactions

DTEP is designed on an independent blockchain, which unlike regular crypto coins, is powered by revolutionary Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. PoS algorithm is based on X11 hashing infrastructure that comes with 60 seconds of block-time. Given reduced block-time, DTEP transactions are always faster than other regular crypto coins. DTEP block creation doesn’t involve mining of blocks (as we see with regular coins on PoW algorithm) but rather minting or forging of blocks. Validators in PoS system are termed as “forgers” who have to put their coins at stake prior to validating transactions. They are incentivized for forging blocks but also penalized if found to be engaged in any abnormal behavior.

Staking rewards

DTEP users who store coins in Decoin online wallet are honored with 6.2 percent staking rewards annually. The Decoin blockchain selects validators for block creation on a random basis. The more weight a validator has on his wallet, better are his chances in receiving the PoS rewards. This process assures better decentralization compared to traditional PoW algorithm since here large miners are not in complete control of the network.

Discounted trading fees

DTEP coin holders receive 40% discount on trading fees when they pay the trading fee on Decoin exchange with DTEP. The trading fee is 0.15 percent for DTEP users and 0.25 percent for users of other coins.

Coin allows revenue percentage

This is surely one of the most significant features of DTEP and something that you will hardly find with all other major coins out there.

DTEP users are eligible for a fair percentage of revenue earned by the Decoin exchange. The rising crypto exchange has announced to redistribute around 10 to 20 percent of revenue generated (annually) based on average daily volume of trading on the Decoin trading platform. The volume will proliferate over time and the revenues would be redistributed pro-rata in between DTEP holders – in direct relation to their holdings.

Advanced security

DTEP also assures better security for its users compared to other coins out there. The PoS algorithm makes the DTEP blockchain 51% less vulnerable to hacking attacks.

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