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If a person has a single knowledge about cryptocurrencies, then there is a high possibility that the single knowledge he had is all about Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is going to be considered as a popstar, then it cannot be denied that it has the mixed powers of Michael Jackson, the Beatles, as well as Elvis. Taylor Swift can also be included. But we are here to learn more about Dogecoin. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

We cannot deny the fact that when a person says “cryptocurrency,” the first word that might come in your mind is Bitcoin. It can be easier for you to set aside the fact that there are still lots of cryptocurrencies out there aside from Bitcoin. Some of these not-so-popular cryptocurrencies can work much better compared to Bitcoin.

But cryptocurrencies are not considered to be only as a digital asset, and it can also be considered as a community as well.

One of the altcoins that have an improved community is known as “Dogecoin.” In this post, I am going to provide you with the details on how Dogecoin starts, how it is being utilized and why it is always on trend.

The History of Dogecoin

Way back December 2013, a single Bitcoin has an exchange of 1,083.14 US Dollars. Since then, people of the world started to take advantage of cryptocurrencies. Jackson Palmer, as well as Billy Markus, believed that cryptocurrencies are being utilized by many people seriously. They assumed that the use of cryptocurrencies is just to bring fun to people and not to make money. So, they made up their minds to formulate their own token. So, Dogecoin is established to give fun as well as to help people to make money.

Way back on 6 December 2013, Degocoin was released on the public. The mascot is the Shiba Inu dog’s meme. Its spelling is taken from the puppet show ion the internet. How cool isn’t it?

The internet cannot deny that they get too excited by the launch of this new and bolder coin, so they are starting to ask, “What is Dogecoin?” The only answer to this question is just simple; it is a token that has an imprinted dog on it! How cute!

The joke that was started at that time came to build a large community of cryptocurrency. Dogecoin is considered to be a user-friendly token. After its popularization, Dogecoin is now being popularized by many people because of its charitable donations and many other good doings.

The people who are using Degocoin considered themselves as “Shibes.” Aside from that, they also created their Shibe language. It is created with broken and funny English phrases and words, such as “many works,” “much grateful,” and “such amazing.”

How Degocoin is Used

At this time, you have a piece of knowledge about the history of Degocoin and what it is. In this section, I am going to discuss how it is being used. The community of Degocoin is utilizing its size in supporting the good doings in every corner of the world.

  • Way back 2014, the community of Degocoin had earned 50,000 US Dollars to give help on sending the Jamaican Bobsled Team to the Sochi Winter Olympics.
  • Way back in 22 March2014, which is known to be the World Water Day, the loyal members of the Degocoin community shared 30,000 US Dollars to give their help in building the clean-water-wells located in Tana Valley, Kenya.
  • The members of the community of Degocoin also tried the North-American Stock Car Auto Racing or also known as the NASCAR. Way back in March 32014, the Dogecoin community had funded 55,000 US Dollars to support Josh Wise, a driver who is driving a car that has the theme of Dogecoin.

Aside from that, Dogecoin has also lots of followers on its social media accounts. Reddit is also one of the hosts in the lively group of Shibe, who gives a tip of Degocoin to an individual who is posting a good text about Dogecoin. They are also utilizing their social medias in raising money to give support for the good causes happening in every corner of the world. DogePizza and SocksForTheHomeless are just some of the charities that make use of various social media platforms.

When you are going to ask what Degocoin is all about, the only answer is that Degocoin is considered to be one of the cryptocurrencies that exist in the crypto-world together with Bitcoin.

 In this generation, Blockchain is one of the most vital technologies that can change the world to be a much better one. Dogecoin is the crypptocurrencies celebration as well as a blockchain platform that all of us can use.

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