Horizen talked of 884% of Community Growth with the Alpha release of their Sidechains

By Maheen Hernandez January 14, 2020 Off
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Guan Yin gave an amazing and professional presentation of the Horizen decoupled side chain technology during the blockchain forum. 

Rob Viglione Co-Founder & CEO of Horizenlabs in response tweeted:  “We’re lucky to have @359990902 leading our Chinese community; being able to explain the decoupled sidechain technology we’re building is not so easy!”

The details of the project are available in the White Paper 2.0 of Horizen.  The first review of the white paper is complete and is positive.

Horizen FCAS Performance is well explained by David Balter, CEO of Flipside Crypto and Rob Viglione, Team Lead and Co-founder at Horizen.  The complete video is available on the Horizen YouTube Channel.

Horizen achieved the Alpha release of their sidechains, which they consider as a significant milestone of 2019.  The Annual Review of Horizen considers 2019 to be a year of delivery.  They have been hard at work showing 156% increase in the past 90 days.

Horizen Flubit Zen Faucet

Horizen tweeted about their excitement in joining the Flubit, and announced that $ZEN could be used to purchase more than 70,000,000 items through Flubit.

The Faucet is now available in Chinese, English, French, Georgian, Korean, Malaysian, Russian, and Spanish. So, investors will be able to choose their channel when they make use of the ZEN Faucet.

The Horizen Academy teaches everyone about the Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and privacy with their free beginner, intermediate and advanced level articles.

Sydney Ifergan, Crypto Expert in response to Horizen Academy, tweeted:  “Everything Starts with Education, and it is true with Blockchain Technology too.  Horizen Academy makes a good move by educating investors. Anyone starting with Zero blockchain knowledge can start with Horizen Academy.”

Further, Now Payments have partnered with Bitcoin Diamond and Horizen Global, and they have got an affiliate program in place, which can be useful for those interested in making a passive income.

The management has warned users not to send ZEN or any other cryptocurrency to Bitfare. They also advise against using any of the services provided by Bitfare.

Weekly Insider Going Public

Horizen organizes team weekly internal meetings; however, these meetings are going public, and investors will be able to get a clear idea about what is happening within.  The weekly insider is organized every [email protected]:30 PM UTC @ 12:30 PM EDT in the Discord Channel.

Investors will be able to get clear insights from the insider team. At the end of the call, there is a live Q&A session.

ZEN has been trading at $10.06 at the time of reporting the news.  Of note, Horizen was previously Zencash, and it was rebranded to Horizen.  The blockchain network focuses mainly on a fully decentralized side chain ecosystem.  The multi-tier node system is the plus of Horizen.

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